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_yellowlight's Journal

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Why, yes. Yellow. Because "Limelight" was taken and the focus here is on YELLOW. (And not lime! *insert drum punchline sound here*)

What are we all about?
Asian Celebrities. Asian musicians, actors, performers, personalities, news anchors, etc...if it's Asia...we got it here. News, gossip, news, gossip, gossip, shit-talking, gossip, gossip, news, and some more news on Asian Celebrities that you'd normally have a hard time obtaining because not a lot of sources are in English. Or organized well enough because they're all tossed into some forum somewhere.

Don't be shy guys, go ahead and post the latest scoop on your favorite Asian celebrities. Post pictures too. If you're bilingual and you have access to Asian entertainment sources, feel free to translate them into English for us here. We'd love you forever. And ever.

...is open to ANYONE. Yes, anyone. Want to make an introduction? Of course you do, we're friendly and we love people but please do it in the special "new member intro post". So long as you follow these simple rules:

- Be nice.
- Be respectful to others.
- Don't promote your community here if it has nothing to do with what this community is about.

Break the rules, and you're banned sucka.

RIGHT NOW THIS PLACE IS TOTALLY NEW, but I'm aiming to make it the Asian version of the ohnotheydidnt community. Slowly but surely, we'll adopt their rules. However, since we're new...we'll let some things pass. Bear with me.

This place is moderated by jinra. If you have any questions, ask her.