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wake-up everyone

Trying to revive this place here now that I have time.


What about Asian entertainment do you look forward to this year?
Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh don't tell anyone but I'm looking forward to Korea's Goong S, regardless of how much I thought the first one sucked. (The catch: I'm in love with Se7en.)
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Rain (Bi) sings in mandarin


song for pantech commercial. his mandarin isn't too bad.

video's pretty interesting.. from what i heard it's based on true story, one of his fans hurt her eyes while she was process of going to see him at a show or something like that.
he felt bad so he went and visited her... AND taught her some dance moves.
it's dedicated to her.


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Interview: Edison Chen
IGN talks with The Grudge 2 co-star.
by Stax

Edison Chen makes his Hollywood debut in The Grudge 2.

April 7, 2006 - IGN FilmForce spoke with Canadian-born actor-singer Edison Chen earlier this week on the Tokyo set of The Grudge 2. Chen, 25, plays Eason, a Chinese journalist in Japan who is investigating the events that transpired during the last Grudge movie. After filming a scene opposite star Amber Tamblyn, Chen sat down with IGN and other members of the press to talk about working on The Grudge 2.

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sm fanclub

So SM has decided to finally acknowledge the international fans. @o@ How? By giving us a chance to join an international fanclub. You're given the choice of what artists you'd like to subscribe to. Of course there is a fee. For more information and to register (registration ends the 22nd), go here...


o_O anyone wanna tell me what the ID number might be? @o@ Like...our social security number or what?

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Question: KEN HIRAI

I've heard recently that Ken Hirai has come out? Can anyone confirm or deny? I know there's been some speculation about his sexuality, and a lot of people WISH he were gay, but I think it would be tremendous if he actually came out of the closet. Anyone heard anything?
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Rain will not be shown on American MTV.

Yes, Rain will indeed perform in the TRL studios and the whole nine.
No, it will not be shown on the American MTV network. I don't care which American MTV studio he performs in.

Granted, Americans can still watch it if you happen to have access to MTV World. MTV World and MTV (MTV when plainly referred to just as MTV either means MTV as a whole worldwide network or MTV USA because USA is where MTV started) are two different things catered to two different audiences, despite the fact that they are indeed owned by the same small group of rich white people that sit around and figure out what to show to you people in order to suck the money out of you. MTV WORLD is catered to serve "ethnic" American populations. Because apparently, if you stick an Asian popstar on MTV (USA)...that shit won't fly. It won't sell. Heartbreaking, yes. What is Viacom to do?

Make another fucking network (MTV WORLD) and sell it to "ethnic" people just to offer them some sort of illusion of mainstream acceptance in America. Whoa Asian people on TV? NO WAY!

And if you think about it, MTV (USA) will only put on TV what will make money guaranteed. Because money is what it's all about and that's all they want. Yes, Rain has a very big following. However, it's not that big. How do we know this? His PR people have not fully evaded American media yet, because if they have...you probably would've heard him on the radio in English, PRIOR to his scheduled performances. You would've seen music videos. Maybe him in a McDonalds commercial. He would've been on Jay Leno. etc.etc.etc.

Although, this all may sound slightly depressing...especially for those of you "ethnic" Americans and I'm not condoning Rain's performances on MTV, you still ought to show your support. Because for Asian Americans or any Ethnic Americans, visibilty is better than invisibility.

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Talented idol, Wang Lee Hom's musical talent is undeniable, but on
January 19, he tried writing with a writing brush, and it surprised
everyone so much that only "very ugly" can describe it.

Yesterday, Wang Lee Hom, on a show called Yu Le Xin Wen's New Year's special,
wrote four words "Happy New Years", and when he showed the audient, the
whole studio burst out laughing. The workers on set were all whispering
"I can't believe an idol's writing would be so ugly." Seeing everyone's
reaction, Wang Lee Hom was embarassed and said, "It seems like this is
only kindergarten level, huh?" He kept saying he didn't really care,
but he still tried hard to bring the show back to the main focus, "I'm
left handed, Chinese's style of writing (downloard, I'm guessing) is
very hard and not suited for us, left-handers, we're always
accidentally touch the ink.

translated by lilhoniebear and found on cpop

i thought this was really cute and wanted to reshare. haha XD~