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Operation Holiday Card

Dear Friends,

Believe it or not the Holiday season is upon us. With Halloween over the stores are filled with Christmas decorations. Last year with my husband deployed in Kuwait I started Operation Holiday Card to collect Christmas, Hanukkah, and holiday cards for troops overseas during this season. It was huge success last year. I started the project with a goal of collecting 200 cards to send to one base in Kuwait. The response was amazing. When the collection was over I had over 1500 cards sent to Ali Al Salem Air Base in Kuwait and Balad Air Base in Baghdad, Iraq. The cards were passed out to the troops at dinner on Christmas Day. As each person signed in at the mess hall they were handed a Holiday card. The cards were read, passed around the tables among friends, and many were eventually hung on the wall for all to see.


It is time once again to start collecting cards. My goal is to collect over 2000 cards. This year many of the cards will go to the Balad Air Base in Baghdad. Balad is “home” to over 30,000 men and women from all branches of service. Balad also contains a large field hospital so many of the cards will go to the patients and staff. The holidays is a very hard time to be so far away from home and these brave men and women need our support and encouragement.

I am asking people to write a note to an unknown service member inside your card, seal it, and send it to the address below. Cards can be for Christmas, Hanukkah (please write this on the back of your envelope), or general Season’s Greetings. Your words of support mean so much to these men and women. Remember each card you send is another service member touched.

Please pass the word about this project to everyone you know. Feel free to post it in your journals, other communities, promote it in your workplace, or your place of worship. One woman from my church last year collected 200 cards in her workplace. How many cards can you collect? Cards can be sent to:

Operation Holiday Card
6658 Youree Dr Suite 180

Shreveport, LA 71105

This year’s deadline will be Dec. 5, all cards must be received in Louisiana by that time. The cards will need plenty of time to get overseas. I thank you for your support of this wonderful project. There is so much support for our troops as they spend the holidays away from their families.

Thank you and God Bless you,


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