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Name: Ally

Age: 17, but my birthday is in 7 days

Location: North Carolina

Favorite Country Artist & Why?: Kenny Chesney, mainly because he is outrageously hot and one sexy cowboy. and he is an amazing singer. gosh i think i am obsessed, i even named my fish chesney after him

Favorite Country Song & Why?: i have soo many. Anything and everything by Kenny Chesney, beucase he is my favorite. Gone by Montgomery Gentry because i really like the lyrics and what they are singing about. Its getting better all the time by Brooks&Dunn becuase me and my boyfriend jsut broke up and listening to that song makes me feel better. Trying to find Atlantis by Jamie O'neal becuase its a song about finding the perfect guy, and thats what i am searching for. and a million others that i can't think of right now.

What sparked your interest in this community?: its about country and i love country music. and it seems really fun and active and i was exited to find it!

If refered by another member, who?: N/A

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