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new member.

name: chrissi

age: seventeen

location: birmingham, alabama

favorite country artist & why?: it's a tie between martina mcbride & keith urban. my reason for martina is that she sings about important issues & tries to get people more aware of domestic violence. not to mention she has a beautiful voice. as for keith, i love that he writes most of the songs on his albums & most of them relate to how i'm feeling or what i've gone through. he never bores me with his music.

favorite country song & why?: something worth leaving behind by lee ann womack, because i feel the same way sometimes. that i want to leave something behind after i'm dead.

what sparked your interest in this community?: just saw an advertising in a random community & i'm a huge country fan, so i just decided to join. basically for i can meet people with the same interests as me.

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