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so I don't know if these have been posted...been thinking bout them for a few, so here goes...

2. Your love is like religion A cross in Mexico (KEITH URBAN ~ RAINING ON SUNDAY)

4.She'd watch the TV and sit there on the couch While her mom fell asleep And her daddy went out (JOHN MICHAEL MONTGOMERY ~ LITTLE GIRL)

5.When the world was ours and she was mine I dream of holdin her again someday (KENNY CHESNEY ~ ON THE COAST OF SOMEWHERE BEAUTIFUL)

6.So before you go and turn me on Be sure that you can turn me loose (DIERKS BENTLEY ~ LOT OF LEAVIN LEFT TO DO)

8. Don't you know that all the fairy tales tell a lie Real love and real life doesn't have to be (SARA EVANS ~ PERFECT)
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