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new member

Hey y'all! I'm new here, so I'm doin' the "new member thing!"

Name: Sarah
Age: 17
Location: Washington
Favorite Country Artist & Why?:  Chely Wright (I LOVE all of her stuff, especially her new album "The Metropolitan Hotel"...amazing stuff) or Alison Krauss (She has an AMAZING voice, and a lot of her music has helped me through some stuff)
Favorite Country Song & Why?:  Okay...that's a hard one.  Umm...right NOW, it's probably Chely Wright's "The River"('cause it's such a gorgeous song) or Mindy Smith's "Fighting For It All"('cause I love the lyrics/theme of the song)....but there are SO many amazing songs out there, that I can't say those are my ALL time favorites.
What sparked your interest in this community?:  I saw it on another community, and decided to come on over and check it out!
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