May 10th, 2005


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I am doing a Cross word in Country Weekly, and I've got a good portion of it done, but I'm strawing blank. So this is going to be X-posted, and if you know any of the answers, please comment and help me out, because these drive me nuts until I complete them.

Shall we begin?


5 - "Little Houses" Singer Doug (I've got 5 blanks and starts with ST.. I think)

10- Brooks & Dunn hit:" - - This Lonely" (4 blanks) a man

11- Singer Collin (-ay- Thats 4 blanks)

12- Sleep Stage [abbr.] (3)

18- Alabama Singer Owen (5)

20- Stevens and Price (R--S)

27-Singer Kersh(5)

30-Before king or mode (3)

33-per [abbr.] (3)

38-Oklahome city (3)

45-Singer Griggs (4, I have ANDY, is that right?)

56 Memo abbr (2, starts with R)

57-more rational (sa-e-)

58 actor Beatty (-e-)

69-Running: on the (3 letters , -am)

73-Alright (4 letters)

76-Singer Wells (K----) [kenny??]

77- Ricky Skaggs hit: "Uncle -e-" [ben?]


7 Poetic Over (3)

8 Sea Eagle (3)

9" I would cry" Singer Dalley (3)

19 No. 1 for Waylon (---N-A)

25- Dexter and Downing (3 letters, a-s)

27 Drug Police Agency (3)

28 "Amen Kind of love" Singer Singletary

31 Guitarist's need (3)

58 Alabama No.1 "There's ___ ___" (-O--Y, I could be wrong with those letters.)

59 The _____ McCoury Band (3)

68-Heavy Drinker (3)

74- initials for Ms. Oslin


any help on those is greatly appriciated! I know its hard without seeing the crossword, but work with me! Some one should know some of them. I still have about half way to go!