April 28th, 2005


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Name: Kelly
Age: 18 (2-23-87)
Location: Martinsburg, West by God Virginia
Favorite Country Artist & Why?: this is a hard one.. But I'll narrow it down to Waylon Jennings, Loretta Lynn,and so many more. I picked those two out of all because I love their sound, Waylon was amazing, and Shooter (his son) is another good artist, and Ms. Loretta, she's a Country music icon!
Favorite Country Song & Why?: I can't remember the artist, but it would have to be "Daddy's Hands" If anyone knows who sings that please let me know! That song reminds me of my dad, and I vow that it will be the one that is played at my wedding.
What sparked your interest in this community?: I was searching interests in the search bar, and this one kept comming up.
If refered by another member, who?: n/a

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