April 12th, 2005

Happily Ever After

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So I finally decided to take a break and update for real about the concert and such. It was absolutely AMAZING!!! I think seriously that this was the best show Kenny has ever put on. He was SO on his game and seemed to really enjoy himself. He was like "this is why we keep coming back" since this is the 4th time Champaign has sold out (I mean to the TOP of the arena where heads practically touch the concrete ceiling of the Assembly Hall)...It was AWESOME! Had really great seats too. Went to Jillian's before that for the pre-party where I met Mary, Stephanie, and Mary's friends who came from Danville in a limo...rode with them to the show and sat with 3 of Mary's friends since she and Steph had front row seats...sooo jealous...but at least I got pics out of it..Speaking of pics, here's some of them...I am so peeved, though, that my camera stopped rewinding but really wasn't done so my roll of film with Kenny closest to me got exposed and messed up some of the pics... *tear*...but I still got some good ones...the really really close ones are from Mary...so on to the pics...

bunches of pics...may take a while to loadCollapse )