March 31st, 2005


Picture for Community

Hey ya'll... I think the mods for this community was asking for pics of the members... Here is mine...I am the one in the middle with the cowboy hat on... This was taken in NY for the tree lighting... and the second one was taken with some hot ass fireman...woo baby... u can decide which one is easier to cut down ...


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mini-update from the wonderful world of ashley
i have no net except at school and work. at school = no livejournal soo im at work right now, waiting on my Mom to come back to give me a damned password. tomorrow Jamie should have everything up and ready. POINTS WILL END APRIL 15TH && NEW POINT TOTALS WILL START THE FOLLOWING DAY!!! start promoting! if you've done so (even in your own journal), post the links so you can get points! we want to gain some members!