March 24th, 2005

Happily Ever After

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this is a possible activity idea...

drakefn and I have done these in our own journals.. the idea of running through your music list at random and choosing lyrics from 25 of those songs and posting them to see if ppl can guess the songs AND artists based off the line from the song... after it's guessed you cross it out...that could be a way to achieve more points... just a thought...

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Wow! Kenny Chesney concert was awesome! I reccommend the Sun Where in the Sun tour to everyone.

They all sounded great. Kenny came out on a chair across the audience and sang song of his newer songs (none off the new album) and then did a medley of some older songs and then sang Lay you down. He almost broke down on stage when he told the audience how lucky he was to be here and to have loyal fans like his. Then he hopped up and down on his ankle and was like 'the ankles not sore anymore'. It was a blast! If you get the chance to go, go! It will entertain you all night long.

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