March 20th, 2005

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Hey y'all! I'm new here, so I'm doin' the "new member thing!"

Name: Sarah
Age: 17
Location: Washington
Favorite Country Artist & Why?:  Chely Wright (I LOVE all of her stuff, especially her new album "The Metropolitan Hotel"...amazing stuff) or Alison Krauss (She has an AMAZING voice, and a lot of her music has helped me through some stuff)
Favorite Country Song & Why?:  Okay...that's a hard one.  Umm...right NOW, it's probably Chely Wright's "The River"('cause it's such a gorgeous song) or Mindy Smith's "Fighting For It All"('cause I love the lyrics/theme of the song)....but there are SO many amazing songs out there, that I can't say those are my ALL time favorites.
What sparked your interest in this community?:  I saw it on another community, and decided to come on over and check it out!
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Hi everyone my name is Rebecca and I am from NJ...I saw this community advertised in another community and liked the idea of all the "fun" stuff described.

My fave country singer...Wow..>Either Kenny Chesney or George STrait because I can relate to alot of their songs...
Fave Song? - Thats a toughy... I always mention Neon Moon and Desperately... Those two songs I can listen to all day...except my fave one at the moment is Redneck Girl by the Bellamy Brothers

Anyway, Hope to have fun in this community
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Name: Taylor
Age: 16
Location: Virginia
Favorite Country Artist & Why?: The Dixie Chicks are my all time favorite band...there are no words to express how much I love them. Reba McEntire is my ultimate idol, I've listened to her since I was a tiny baby.
Favorite Country Song & Why?: Cowboy Take Me Away....its like an anthem for all girls
What sparked your interest in this community?: I'm always lookin to join more country communities..and this one looks good.

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please bare with jamie & i as we get this community up and running. i plan on having all the activies open on the 1st of april or even sooner. depends on how many members we get! so promote for points & if you get memebers to join, that's extra points!

♥ your mod, ashley

EDIT: i changed the layout because i wasn't happy with the kenny one. this still has kenny ((see icon)) & i love it. so simple. so this is what we will do each time we change it. pick a new color for the border, new icon, & we will change the name to the artist of the month. :) i hope you guys dont mind!
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