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That's Yayness!!!
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YAY! Welcome! :)

Yayness is a fun community where only good news and special things that happen in your world are posted. It can be if you've had a brilliant test score to if you've got a letter from a friend. Whatever brings a smile to your face is worth sharing in this world of gloom and doom.

The community was created to share special things that happen to you. Even the interest list was picked by and voted in via the community members. By all means introduce yourself when you join, but please include something yayness to keep with the theme! We love new friends just as much as we love good news! :)

If your post is way long or contains more than one picture, we'd appreciate it if you used a LJ cut.

Please, promote your community in community_promo and not here.

Should you have any problems don't hesitate to contact a moderator! :)

Moderators (in alphabetical order, yay alphabet):
cheddar01- can be emailed at cheesycheese01@yahoo.com
got_stalker- can be emailed at I_am_cucumber@hotmail.com

Come along and join us in the fun!

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