Recent yayness.

1. I'm at hooome. And it is nice, and sunny, and we're watching a lot of Wimbledon.

2. It was my birthday on Monday. There was cake.

3. People from the theatre phoned today and I have a job! Well, not a job in sense of being paid (XD), but in the sense of Valuable Experience For My CV Etcetera, not to mention Seeing Shakespeare Plays For Free!

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I'm really skinny, nearly underweight, and no matter how hard I try, I can't gain weight. So, due to recent events, I thought I lost a few pounds... Then, today, I just felt really horrible physically, and I thought, ah crap, I mightve lost a LOT of weight. I finally braved the scale and I haven't lost any. Thank gawd.
And, tomorrow's my 17th birthday. I really didn't want to play anything big, so I figured I'd get 3 of my best friends together and go get some dinner at panera... Well, those plans failed, and I thought I'd spend my birthday sitting at home, but I just found out that even though I'm not going to a concert on Tuesday, I'm going to a show by my house tomorrow with one of my besties. Haha, so I'm excited for that.

Today's Yayness

Electricity.  More specifically, a/c and ceiling fans.

We had some big storms roll through here last night, knocking out our power for a couple of hours.  Imagine trying to sleep in 90+ degree heat, with 98% humidity and no moving air.  It sucked.

As soon as the power came back on and I heard the *whoosh* of the air conditioner and felt the cooling breeze of the fan, I knew I had today's yayness.


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I had lunch today with an old friend I hadn't seen in over a year. I haven't laughed so hard in a while. Yay for reconnecting~

I also purchased some fabric so that I can continue with my project of making my own bags. I've never really found any affordable bags in stores that I liked enough to buy, so I decided to make my own! Plus then I can show it off to anyone who comments on it. :P "Oh you like my bag? Thanks, I made it myself. ;)"

OH, and I got an email from my school yesterday inviting me to join an honors program. :O Yay!


YAY to me and my friend yesterday! we went to this flea market where we buy cheap clothes but quality ones (only if you have the patience to browse through tons of clothes, thats no joke). 

Normally 1 piece is worth $2, but yesterday, they seemed to be having a closing out sale, its 3 pieces for $2! and the clothes we bought were cardigans, long sleeves, chick blouses and long sleeves! hahaha! We bought a total of 9 tops for only $6!!!

My colleagues would always admire the clothes i wear, they didnt know i get them at bargain prices!!!

You dont have to spend to look fabulous! you just have to know how to wear clothes, mix and match and look confident! 

YAY for new fabulous cheap stuffs!!!
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