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Hey, guys! It's been a long time since I've been on Livejournal. After seven years or so of being faithful to this website, I've moved on to other things. And I guess I really don't have time to keep up with this community anymore. I don't know how active the other moderator is, either, and can't be bothered to check as I'm on an iPod touch, so I think it's time to pass on my moderating status to someone else who wants to keep this community going.
Why don't I just let it die? A few years back, this community was doing relatively well. I put my fair share of work into it, and I really appreciated the outcome. As a girl falling rapidly into adulthood, I know moreso how it can be a struggle to stay optimistic with the stress of daily responsibilities and multiple issues, financial, health, or otherwise. I think a community like this is a great thing to have! We all could use a positive thing to read about when we face so many pages of bad news everyday.

If anyone is willing to step up and manage this community, I would greatly appreciate it! Just leave a comment on this post and I will get in touch with you about it. You can feel free to make your own changes, since I'm sure LJ is a much different place from the one I remember now.

Best wishes to you all! :)

hello? anyone out there?!?!?

no one been posting here for quite a long time. well i just got back to LJ myself, hope this community would be revived so people can share their yay moments again. and see at least a little hope amidst this depressing world.

Anyway yayness for closing yet another business deal! its just a small one but still a way to live a little longer
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Yayness of Cats

I double-dare anyone who owns a cat to go a day without laughing. We moved into a new house when Tiggrr was just a kitten, and the alarm panel is toward the back of the house. Now Tiggrr believes that the proper way to come in through the front door is for everyone to run as fast as they can toward the kitchen!  I go in by the front door whenever I need a good laugh, watching that cat speed-skating over the kitchen linoleum!
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I love living so far out of the city and so far away from civilization that at night you hear NOTHING but nature.  You can tell when dawn is near because you finally start to hear the sound of car tires on the road in the distance.  There is none of that during the wee hours of the night.  It's very peaceful.
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Updated Yayness for me.

My updated yayness is a few things. First, I moved on July 1 and reduced the bills by over one thousand dollars a month.

Second, I became an uncle for the very first time on August 19, and little Ty is a strong bugger!

Finally the yayness is that there is a LJ devoted to good energies and happiness. That is something that on bad days brings a smile to my face. Thanks everyone for bringing happy to the world!
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