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Yamashita Tomohisa no Community
-Yamashita Tomohisa Fan Community-
April 4th, 2012 
Title: Someday for Somebody
Author : romapi
Pairing : PiKame
Genre : Romance, Angst.
Rating: PG – 13 for now
Summary : They were secret lovers, only their families knew the truth. Until that fateful day Yamapi had an accident and woke up with partial amnesia; he did not remember the part of his life that Kame was in. What should Kame do to bring back Yamapi’s memories of him?

Chapter 1 
Chapter 2
Chapter 3 
Chapter 4 
Chapter 5 
Chapter 6 
Chapter 7 
Chapter 8 
Chapter 9 
Chapter 10  
Chapter 11 
Chapter 12 - end

pikame cutie
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