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Yamashita Tomohisa no Community
-Yamashita Tomohisa Fan Community-
Welcome to the revamped version of _yamapi community! We hope you enjoy your stay here.

Ending Planner Masterpost by Yamapi_Blue
Ending Planner Episode Download Masterpost
Congratulations to Team Algernon for their 4 category sweep on the Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix awards.

Best drama - Flowers for Algernon
Best actor - Yamashita Tomohisa
Best supporting actors - Kubota Masataka (1), Ishimaru Kanji (2)
Best supporting actress - Kuriyama Chiaki
Pi's previous awards: Winter 2012 (Ending Planner), Summer 2009 (Buzzer Beat), Spring 2007 (Proposal Daisakusen), 9th '05-06 (Nobuta wo Produce), 2000-01 (IWGP) source

UPDATE:  July 8 @4:14AM JST
(1) IMPORTANT: Japanese address/phone number NOT needed to vote for the ongoing Television Drama Academy Awards!!!  Voting tutorial added.

(2) Continue to send your messages to Team Algernon. The official site will be open until JULY 12th!.
Official TBS FLowers for Algernon site
Send a message

(3) Subs for episode 7 (by areea) HERE

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The big hit "Kinkyori Renai" starring Yamashita Tomohisa earning 1.17 billion Yen at the box office will be released on DVD and Blu-ray April 8th (Wed)! The making and special footage are included in all versions. Deluxe edition includes a booklet.

Release Date: 2015/04/08
Kinkyori renai dvd 1
DVD & Blu-ray deluxe edition (limited first press)
DVD:  VPBT-14369            5,300 yen +tax
Blu ray: VPXT-71372         6,300 yen +tax
-Original story (1 disc, 118 mins) + special making (1 disc) [Same as regular edition]
-3-side folded box digipack, Booklet

Kinkyori renai dvd 2
DVD & Blu-ray regular edition
DVD: VPBT-14370             3,500 yen +tax
Blu-ray: VPXT-71373         4,500 yen +tax
Content: Original story (1 disc, 118 mins) + special making (1 disc)

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1st-Jun-2014 03:42 pm - posting
I've tried to post the regular way in this journal a few times but the posting box is always cut off and I can't post anything.

Hello girls!!!
Yamapi's birthday is around the corner and I would like to invite all of you to participate on this project.
I hope we could make a fan video (slideshow) with Happy Birthday's messages to Pi.

You could use a picture of him or just a nice background.
Please write your name or nickname and your country at the end of the message.
All the messages should be written in English or in Japanese.

Please send the messages to: traduje@gmail.com

The deadline to send your messages is April 4th.

I hope all of you could join us and create a nice present for our Pi.
What really matters is to let him know how much we love him and support him even from far away.
It would be great if you could share this fan-proyect with other Yamapi fans.

Thanks in advance!!

AnAn 2012
29th-Mar-2014 12:02 pm(no subject)
At my journal I am selling:

Yamapi official shop photos
Monsters lottery goods
Summer Nude posters
Summer Nude ground sheet

Please take a look here

Thank you :)
21st-Mar-2014 07:41 pm - Birthday Celebration
Hi All,
I hope it is fine for me to make a post here.
I have an intention to do up a small celebration for upcoming Yamashita san's Birthday and I wonder how many people will be interested in it.
First of all, it will only be meant for people in Singapore. (I'm sorry for other overseas fans and I'm sure you sweeties will be up to something too right?)
I am testing water now so I don't think there will be any participants more than 10?
More details will be decided according to the number of people who are able to attend.
Tentatively I would like to set the time and date as followed:
Date: 9 April 2014 (Wednesday)
Time: 7pm ~ 10pm
Venue: TBC (according to number of people)
As for the programme list, it is also dependent on the number of participants (sad to say) and I have thought of things like Karaoke session or games or just a short get-to-know-each-other event. And definitely a cake cutting session. :)
Hope to see some responses from the Sweeties in Singapore!
That's all!

(And I would like to thank the admin in advanced for giving me a chance to post.)
11th-Mar-2014 09:37 pm - Yamapi clearfile
In sell Yamapi Clearfile Supergood Superbad Tour 2011 in $25 include shipping only paypal more info susiemc2792@hotmail.com


I re-uploaded the making of, interviews and PV to fever to future here at my LJ

15th-Feb-2014 02:45 pm - REQUEST AGAIN...
It seems like every few months, I have to remind everyone to NOT hotlink from this community and especially DO NOT repost things you find in my personal LJ.
This _yamapi community is open to anyone who wants to join and get whatever is posted here. There is really no reason to repost everything (unless it's being translated into other languages) and especially hotlink all our files. As many of you have found out, hotlinking uses up our bandwidth and sends an alert to Media Fire when we have an extraordinarily high number of downloads. And we all know what happens next...WE LOSE OUR ACCOUNTS!!!
I just finished reuploading Kindaichi and it's impossible to go back and try to upload everything we've done in the past.
Thank you.

Spanish translation
24th-Jan-2014 10:24 pm - [calendar] Yamapi Calendar 2014
Hai everyone^^
I'm back again with new calendar for this year^^ i hope you like it^^

click HERE @ blossomart
kame glasses
7th-Jan-2014 10:07 pm - Request!!!
Hi, I was wondering if anyone new where I can download Tomorrow's Joe and subs for it at?
just fuck me now., Fuck me junno
19th-Dec-2013 03:55 pm - Yamapi "A Nude" 12/18 Concert Report

I went to last night's show and had a blast!

Wednesday Night

17th-Dec-2013 11:46 pm - Concert in Tokyo 12/19
Hi Minna!

I'm going to attend Pi's concert the day after tomorrow (12/19) in Tokyo. Since I'm going alone, I was wondering if there's anyone who would feel like hanging out with me a bit before the concert. It would be nice to share my excitement with someone! It will be my first time seeing Pi in live.
Either just killing time around Yoyogi Arena or doing some sightseeing or so are fine with me. I'm living quite close to Tokyo, so we can discuss basically anything. (Me: 21-year-old Hungarian JE-fangirl, currently studying in Japan.)
{Yamapi} hanashi koto ga aru
Hello everyone ^^

I have one extra ticket for Yamapi's concert this Thursday 12/19 in Yoyogi Stadium. It's the final day of his tour.
I am selling it for the original prize plus taxes, exactly what you have to pay through the fanclub.
The seat is on the second floor.
If anyone is interested just send me a DM, I will be going to both wednesday and thursday shows so we can meet there to do the exchange. If you have any questions also feel free to DM me :)

Thank you very much ^_^

I've got one extra ticket to Yampi's "A Nude" concert on December 18th, next Wednesday. The seat is a good one on the first floor and you would be sitting with me (the one whose name is on the ticket) and a friend who are also going. We can meet you at Harajuku and you can go in with us, or I can get the ticket to you beforehand if you want to get there at your own pace. The price will be approximately the same as the going price on ticket.co.jp for similar tickets. (Unfortunately, I've got bills to pay for.)

Please PM if you are interested. Thanks.


cross-posted at je_sales
2nd-Dec-2013 07:14 am - [selling] A NUDE Osaka 12/3

Selling 2 extra tickets for the 1st day of Yamapi's A NUDE arena shows at FC price.

Just comment or PM for more details.

Thank you.
30th-Nov-2013 08:58 pm - Request ^^
Hello.. I want to Erop Papa Pics and SGSB Papa Pics
If one of you has a so UL for me Please T_T

Hi all~
If anyone interested, we're still opening Pre-Order for Yamapi's Nude Tour 2013 goods.. ^^

Deadline : December 02, 2013

Prices ...Collapse )

You can go here for the detailed :

Feel free to ask us if you have any doubt.. :)

Thank you..

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