Alternating styles

I'm a huge lover of both Lolita and Manba, but I'm really worried about doing the manba thing, because I think it may clash too much with Lolita. Does anyone have any suggestions on how exactly I alternate the two, without looking too style-confused?
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Seeking Volunteers

Hi gals!

I need some help for a final project for my school. I am creating a magazine that will be about how J-fashion is influencing Western youth, and I need about 4-6 girls to be volunteers for this project. I will have a section devoted to the ganguro/manba/banba/etc. look and lifestyle, and in order to have a successful project and loads of information, I need you guys!

What I need is:

-Someone interested into the ganguro look and lifestyle.
-Someone who isn't shy about answering questions (such as, "When did you get into the look? Why do you like it?")
-I will need your REAL name, not your LJ one!
-GOOD QUALITY PHOTOS! (It's a magazine, after all!)
-Someone loyal and responsive. I can't have anyone who doesn't reply in 2 weeks. I'm working on a tight schedule,
-Someone preferably 18+. I don't want your parents to have a hissy-fit when you're in a magazine and you'll get in trouble!

I will credit you and the community, and I will ask this community questions from time to time.

Thank you for your time and interest! I hope this will be a fun and exciting project!
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Side Swept Bangs

Okay, I've tried to do it so many times, but it always looks like I have a 'bald patch' on my head.

So, how do you gals make the side-swept bang look without it getting in your way and looking super stylish? (Like in the icon I'm using!)
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Yo! My name is Fuzuki Natsumi and I am total manba. Just curious, but who of all of you ganguro lovers are Ayu-chan followers?? Also how many of you actually para para? I'm not talking watching it, I'm saying practicing it and doing it with friends. 


PS egg anyone??
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