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and other things we care to discuss.

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__For Hardcore & Straight Edge Girls (boys too!)__
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All Members , Moderated
Post anything that you want that has to do with hardcore, straight edge, music, or whatever you want. All I ask is that you follow the rules. It's not really that much to ask either. We just don't like mean people. ^_^ Feel free to IM me any time for any questions, thoughts, to share any ink, or just to make yourself look cool because you like to have a long buddy list! If you'd like to make some banners, icons, or a background for us, we'll give you credit, and we'll love you a whole lot. ^_^

Contact The Moderator
Email: amaranth628@yahoo.com
AIM: amaranth628
LJ: amaranth628
MySpace: callxmexpeaches
Please Note: I am not incharge of the xsisterhoodx site, and nothing more than a member of their myspace friends list or board member. I just want to unite girls in the scene, because I know how many of you are sick of being coatracks, and half of the LJ sXe communities are full of drama, so I made one where I can make sure that doesn't happen.

[x]Don't be rude. Don't insult someone. Respect each other.
[x]If you post a picture or a survay, please post it in a LJ cut.
[x]You can advertise all you want, especially band gigs, shows, or tattoo artists. Just try to keep it some what relivent.
[x]Boys are welcome to join! So are x'ers and non x'ers, but anyone who straight edge bashes will be banned!
[x]Please fill out the small survay at the bottom, just to get to know eachother, when you first join. It's not that long, and it'll only take a minute or two at most.
[x]That's really it. Just be easy going and fun and we'll all get along fine. ^_^



1. Are you straight edge? For how long?
2. Favourite bands/artists?
3. Best show you've been to?
4. Fat Elvis or Skinny Elvis?
5. Anything else you'd like to add about anything really? (don't be shy!)
6. Advertise! Put a banner of ours in (a) your info and (b) one community. We do this to make sure we'll always have active members--the more the better! (provide links please!)
user info:


Online Sites And Communities
home page
our sister community
Straight Edge website for girls
Sin City Straight Edge
Las Vegas sxe scene site
Articles, music, and free stuff for punk girls like you!
For punks, psychos, rudeboys, straight edge kids, hardcore dancers, and everything else in CT!
a site + board for girls of all shapes and sizes
Punk Rock Domestics
vegan cooking, punk hair, hot rod tips, and how to get crayons off of walls
self explanitory board

If you have any other links that you think we should add, email us at amaranth628@yahoo.com

Show Off Your Edge!
http://www.interpunk.com (search for "straight edge")
http://www.hottopic.com (search around in the sweat bands, keychains, and tshirts for some drug free gear!)
http://www.angryyoungandpoor.com (search for "straight edge")
Straight Edge Clothing On Ebay

Help me out if you have any good clothing links!

Promote xSisterHoodx!
Stick these banners in your Myspace, LJ, website, or wherever! Just copy & paste the code in the box!!








8. NEW!

check our memories for icons, banners, and other fun sXe things!
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