tinydancer01 (tinydancer01) wrote in _xsigntorockx_,

Name~ Lauren

Age~ 16

Birthdate~ 12.03.1989

Location~ sydney, australia

Gender~ female

Sexual Preference~ straight and taken :)

Favorite Bands(20 maximum, 5 minimum)~

* blink 182

* sugarcult

* T.I.S.M

* Pearl Jam

* Audioslave

* Marilyn Manson

* The Ramones

* System of a down

* Sunk Loto

* The foo fighters

Favorite Songs(10 maximum)~

* Pretty Girl - sugarcult

* Let go - Frou Frou, garden state theme song

* Better man - pearl jam

* BYOB - system of a down

* Like a stone - Audioslave

* Adam's song - Blink 182

Favorite Lyrics~ lyrics by my boyfriend, cameron (dead_prayer) i hate you but i love you, you taste like death and suicide, it's like a drug, and i'm hooked, hooked on you.

Rock Idols(1 girl, 1 guy)~ to me, they're aren't that many AWESOME AWESOME chicks that jump out at me. but guys, i'd have to say travis from blink 182. he's not nessisarily my fav. in the band, but he's an awesome musician. awesome awesome awesome!!...him and dave from the foo fighters!!!....

Lyrics Of How You Feel Currently~ in a bit of a :) i love my boyfriend mood, so prolly, "i said so please don't change because your perfect to me, i said to please don't change just for the moment..." sunk loto, everything everyway...OMG saturday gig!! sOo excited!

Opinion on sXe~ yay! :D

Opinion on drugs~ it's all a matter of personal opinion, trying everything once i believe in, to an extent, though there are some things i will never touch.

Opinion on alcohol~ it did kill my best friend, but it's personal choice again, i mean to me, i still drink. but, i don't go overboard and put myself in unsafe positions.

Opinion on smoking~ if you wanna fuck up your lungs??

Opinion on casual sex~ not a big fan, i think it's a bit low and just defeats all my morals really

Opinion on sex before marriage~ oopps? :)

Opinion on gay marriage~ whatever makes you happy :) who am i to judge?

Opinion on President Bush~ i live in australia...and i'm just not going to start

Anything else you'd like us to know?~ umm?? i hate clowns.

Why should you be accepted? What makes you unique?~ everyone's unique!!!

~Pictures! (at least 1, at most 5)~

i'm the one with the black hair :)

~Promote in one community and give the link!~



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    yea this community sucks. u dont update and u dont vote on peoples applications so im nto gonna be apart of this community l8er and rock on

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