peanut (a7x_manson666) wrote in _xsigntorockx_,

were all stars now, in the dope show

Name-Chase Age-15 Birthdate- march 8 1990 Location-winchester, ky Gender-male sexual preference-straight favorite bands- avenged sevenfold, marylin manson, slipknot, breaking benjamin, the used, shadows fall, killswitch engage, skindred, static x, mudvayne, cradle of filth, chevelle, hawthorne hieghts, CKY, HIM, mindless self indulgence, 36 crazyfits, lamb of god, my chemical romance, twisted method. favorite songs- helena-mcr, heretics anthem-slipknot, change me-twisted method, box of sharp objects-the used, the beautiful people-manson, world so cold-mudvayne, ohio is for lovers-hawthorne hieghts, medicate-breaking benjamin favorite lyrics-its just the same thing, how you try to change me rock idols-mick thompson, the girl from lacuna coil lyrics of how you feel currently-im melting in your eyes opinion on sXe-well im not straight edge but my friend tabitha is. i think that there is nothing wrong with being sXe that its just other peoples way of life so we shouldnt judge that. opinion on drugs- i think drugs are stupid. i dont see why someone would want to do that to there body. but i think it makes me a hipocrit because i smoke ( not weed) opinion on alcohol- i dont like alcohol either. i have drank in the past but i dont like what it can do to people. opinion on smoking- well i smoke but i dont encourage it to other people. i could care less if poeple smoke, many of my friends do. opinion on casual sex- i geuss its ok but i dont know anything about it because im a virgin. opinion on sex before marriage-well im fine if a couple choose to have sex before marraige. i dont think its really any ones buisiness what people do in their relationships. opinion on president Bush- i dont like president bush. i think hes just a redneck who send troops to iraq to die. for all i know hes not my president. anything else you would like us to know?- well i love to sk8board, listen to music, and hang out with my girlfriend. why should you be accepted? what makes you so unique?- well i dont really care wut people think about me as long as they get to know me first. sry i cant figure out how to put my pick on here.


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