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We're all stars now, in the dope show

Name~ Rachael (Rae)
Age~ 15
Birthdate~ April 5th
Location~ NJ
Gender~ Girl
Sexual Preference~ I like guys and I'm taken. <33

Favorite Bands (20 maximum, 5 minimum)~
Green Day (old and new)
Goo Goo Dolls
Linkin Park
Good Charlotte & Simple Plan (some songs)
Weird Al
Van Halen
Guess Who
The Beach Boys
All Broadway shows :D
Favorite Songs (10 maximum)~
"Tourniquet"- Evanescense
"Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)"- Green Day
"Memory"- Sugarcult
"Hold On"- Good Charlotte
"Broadway"- Goo Goo Dolls
"Albuquerque"- Weird Al
Favorite Lyrics~ And somehow now you're everybody's fool "Everybody's Fool"- Evanescence
Rock Idols (1 girl, 1 guy)~ Guy: Van Halen- I'm in love with their lead guitarist. Girl: Amy Lee from Evanesence- I love her voice and totally wish I could sing as well as her, even though I'm not too bad.
Lyrics Of How You Feel Currently~ I hope you had the time of your life... "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)"- Green Day

Opinion on sXe~ ...Not familiar. Sorry! If someone tells me what it is, then I'll change this and give my opinion.
Opinion on drugs~ BAAAAAAAAAAAAD. Totally against it. My uncle started doing drugs when he was 12 and FINALLY got clean when I was 12, give or take. Now he's a drug counselor, so I'm really proud of him.
Opinion on alcohol~ I've had wine before and it is NASTY. I had to drink sacramental wine (AKA Manashewietz) at my bat mitzvah and the look on my face was PRICELESS. Haha, but seriously alchohol can really screw up your life. It makes me so sad when you hear about some promising young college girl who drank herself to death at a party or something of the sort. It's just like, one drink too many and you're done. Scary... *shutter*
Opinion on smoking~ Bad, bad, bad; just like drugs and alcohol. I usually include cigarettes in the topic of drugs, but whatever. Besides it being life-treatening and totally disgusting, I'm a slight asthmatic, so I'm semi-allergic to smoke. Ick, it makes me cough. Then I need to run away. And go take my inhaler. And yeah, it's not fun.
Opinion on casual sex~ Ick. That's just really dirty. I'm totally against it, at least for myself. If other people like it, HEY- it's their life and their body. But it still kind of scares me how people actually make a LIVING doing that, even though it's illegal in most places.
Opinion on sex before marriage~ I'm basically against it, unless you've been with the guy for a really long time and plan on getting married. Or if you're older, like 18 or 19+. By then you're mature enough to more-fully take responsibility for any consequenses that might occur.
Opinion on gay marriage~ Totally for it. No one can tell you who to love, whether it be a man or a women; Love isn't something one can dictate or even really chose- I believe it's fate of some sort.
Opinion on President Bush~ Ahhhh, he drives me crazy! I've learned not to go into detail too much because my friend is a HUGE supporter (Lord knows why) and she'll get into a heated debate, which pisses us both off. But he's really the worse thing ot happen to this country since... ever. When Clinton left office we were even with every country we had previously owed money to, now we're hundreds of trillions of dollars in debt. Thank you Bush. And who says "commonsensical," anyway? I rest my case.
Anything else you'd like us to know?~ I love to dance, sing, act, read, write poetry, play guitar, and hang out with my friends/ boyfriend. Plus I actually lke school and TRY to get good grades. Hey, I want to go to a good college some day!
Why should you be accepted? What makes you unique?~ I like almost all types of music, but I've come to find that a lot of it falls under the 'rock' persuassion. I don't really know what makes me unique, but I think I'm a pretty cool person and I love making new friends. :D

~Pictures! (at least 1, at most 5)~
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com (That's me AND my boyfriend.)
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