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Rock On

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15th March 2009

bigbangradio10:18pm: VERTICAL HORIZON
 We had a great time opening for them yesterday and they are SUCH nice guys!!! Really fun show at WEST FEST and we hope you get a chance to check out the pics!!!


14th November 2006

kunelly11:47am: Original Music
Greetings music lovers! I would like to pass along a Modern Rock Band I play with called StillLine. The music is all original, so any thoughts or comments would be appreciated. If yah like what you hear, spread the word!

Click link below to take you there

Keep on Rockin!

29th June 2005

a7x_manson6668:36pm: yea this community sucks. u dont update and u dont vote on peoples applications so im nto gonna be apart of this community l8er and rock on

12th October 2004

damn_perkiness2:44pm: 'we're all stars now, in the dope show'Collapse )
Current Mood: awake

6th August 2004

coco_dog11:30pm: Co-mod
Who wants to be the Co-mod

Post hereCollapse )
Current Mood: chipper
firefaerie75:14pm: i'm taking a break
coco_dog is now the mod for this community. i may be back. i may not. have fun.
Current Mood: busy
firefaerie74:43pm: been busy so pardon
i updated the profile so everyone please check it out
Current Mood: busy

2nd August 2004

coco_dog12:12pm: ...

ha that relates to music it can't be deleted now mua hahahahaahaha
Current Mood: amused

29th July 2004

firefaerie710:38am: I've got to be a good mod now...
i'm going to have to go back and delete any post that isn't relating to this community. you can still promote communities though as long as you remember to promote this community in there. sorry if you find your post deleted but i felt it wasn't necesary. oh and here's a promotion that i promised to the mod of this community. join _xunwantedx_ it's for people who feel unwanted and want a place to talk and deal. i'm the first memeber other than the creator and it's been going for a couple days so be kind. :D
Current Mood: working

27th July 2004

firefaerie73:24pm: just wondering...
who likes the rasmus? if you haven't heard of them you really need to check them out. they're awesome. and the lead singer, lauri (it's a guy), is so hot!
Current Mood: curious
coco_dog2:31pm: just a random question
How many CDs do you people have? i have...er...i'm not sure but my real music is on itunes...i have a few weird al cds tho...and i take my dads CDs mua hahahahahahaha...
Current Mood: curious

26th July 2004

pyro_spaztic1:34am: ~APPLICATION~
Sexual Preference~bi
Favorite Bands(20 maximum, 5 minimum)~ac-dc,twisted method,slipknot, trapt, smile empty soul,
Favorite Songs(10 maximum)~head strong,
Favorite Lyrics~im just a kid
Rock Idols(1 girl, 1 guy)~ billy idol,amy lee
Lyrics Of How You Feel Currently~back off i'll take you on
Opinion on sXe~its cool
Opinion on drugs~drugs are bad
Opinion on alcohol~alcohol's good
Opinion on smoking~disgusting
Opinion on casual sex~you should be commited
Opinion on sex before marriage~don't do it if you havent done it
Opinion on gay marriage~everyone should have there own rights
Opinion on President Bush~no comment
Anything else you'd like us to know?~i'm verry hyper and i like to meet new ppl
Why should you be accepted? What makes you unique?~my sense and style
~Pictures! (at least 1, at most 5)~ don't have a pic at this time
~Promote in one community and give the link!~ none right now
Current Mood: stressed

24th July 2004

facelesspride11:30pm: we're all stars now Collapse )
artimacia5:14am: I'm really sorry
If you can, please delete the extra community links below <a href='http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=xravensnestx> Darkest Dawn Cafe

23rd July 2004

firefaerie71:20pm: co-mod please
i'm looking for a co-mod! here's the application for co-mod:

member for how long?~
what will you give to the community?~
give an example of what you can do~

thanks to anyone who applies for co-mod! i really think i can't do it alone.
Current Mood: determined
firefaerie71:11pm: guess what? we have another birthday today.
yes we do. and can you guess who it is? i'll give you three guesses and the first two don't count. just check out applications. i'll give you a hint though. it's one of the people who post a lot.
Current Mood: crazy

20th July 2004

firefaerie75:31pm: so what's new?
we get 8 members then we die. people said they'd check the community out but no one has. i feel so unloved. anyone out there promoting for me? please do if you can. i've promoted in every community i'm in that i can.
Current Mood: crushed
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