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Roy Tempura

*chomp* Roy Mustang Tempura.. aka. Roy Mustang Fan
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This community is dedicated to ROY MUSTANG. Who is he? Roy Mustang is a State Alchemist at the rank of Lt. Colonel. He is also known as the Flame Alchemist, with special gloves with a transmutation circle to create sparks... then FLAMES! HAHA! FIRE! Ahem, sorry. *adjusts collar* He has a cloudy past but his close friendships give him something to look forward to everyday. So.. One of his goals is to change the female military uniforms to mini skirts, with the full support of Jean Havoc

Roy Mustang is from an anime/manga/game/movie called Full Metal Alchemist. The anime finished with 51 episodes in Japan, and is currently airing on Cartoon Network in the US. Full Metal Alchemist (FMA) is an engaging anime with webby plot that keeps the viewer thinking for hours after the episodes finish. Emotional rollar coasters and complicated relationships make you become friends with the characters. Drama, Comedy, Romance, Horror, and action is all packed into 51 episodes that would want you drooling for more.

Hm, more importantly....
1. You have to be a Roy Mustang fan and awe at his sexiness. O____O

2. Pictures, fan Art, fanfiction, spoilers, & icons have to be under lj cut.

3. No put downs in comments

4. Yaoi is welcome^^

5. Put yaoi material under lj cut with a yaoi warning.

6. Any great info about Roy's sexiness is welcome. (Links, websites.. etc..)

Hm, and have fun!

Burn baby BURN

Fan art, icons, pictures are VERY VERY welcome!

I will post the winner of the background soon. The background will be displayed on the livejournal.

8-4-05 Update
Hey, This place isn't as dead as I thought it was. There's a newNEW layout/background contest voting going on right now. Participants needed. We also want to express Roy's sexiness visually. I believe that if we have a sexy super cool layout, more people will join & this community will become more active. ^_^

4-27-2005 Update
Eee! *sees a room full of dead people* T_T Sorry for making this community so dead~. I would tell you guys my story, but it's Roy's sexiness that matters the most.. right? *bodies come alive* "Royy~~" *lights torches & sharpens pitchforks*

4-4-2005 Update
Well, I'm one lazy person. But at least I updated the userinfo a bit, with more information about our sexy beast. Oh, and an image on the bio. I'll perk up the image once I get on my other computer. ^_^

2-18-2005 Update
Hah, This lj bg will WILL come soon, just wait for a while and hopefully I wont be lazy. The bg is on a floppy disk, and sadly, my computer doesn't have a floppydisk slot thing. TT_TT I'll spaz this layout someday, T_T

Here's a random fact: WE LOVE ROY. (it's a fact!)