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Roy Tempura [entries|friends|calendar]
*chomp* Roy Mustang Tempura.. aka. Roy Mustang Fan

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Fic: The Buried Life [29 Oct 2006|12:48pm]

Title: The Buried Life
Author: Danielle Anderson
Pairing: Roy/Ed
Summary:Mangaverse fic (because there just aren't enough). Ed and Roy have been together for a while but the passion has died out from their relationship. Can anything be done to bring the spark back?
Rating: R
Beta: The sweet everydaylove, who is the fastest beta in the U.S. (no, seriously).
Warning: Character death. Also contains manga spoilers.
Disclaimer: I own nothing
( iii) Trois )
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[01 Sep 2006|11:53pm]

I'm a long time fan of Hagaren, and definitely of Mustang, but I never really had a reason to post to any coms.  I have ZERO talent when it comes to writing, and I'm decent at making icons, but the only one I've made of our Taisa is the one in my user pic (btw, gank it if you'd like. ^_^)

But I was listening to my soundtrack for Frank Wildhorn's The Civil War (Its a musical, people) and one of the songs really struck me as sounding like it could have come from Roy.  Its called Judgement Day, and I believe its meant to be from Lincoln's point of view, but thinking about it in terms of Roy makes it that much cooler. ^_^;;; 

I think I'm going to have to do a series of icons with these lyrics, what do you guys think?  Also, if anyone would like, I can put up an mp3 of the song on Sendspace, and post a link here, if anyone wants to hear it (Its actually quite upbeat, but still pretty, if that makes any sense...).  Mostly I just want comments, because I'm a whore like that, and I want to see if this song "hits" any Mustang fans in the same way it did me. ^_^
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[22 Aug 2006|05:03pm]

I posted this in my journal too, but since I joined this I decided to put it here as well. These are graphics I made on Paintshop Pro. Some are a bit big. Please tell me what you think.

Warning: There are a few graphics that support the Roy/Ed pairing.
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Roy!Art [22 Aug 2006|12:13am]

Hey! First post here. ^^; Um, I have some realistic!Roy art over at my art journal that I just wanted to share with anyone who was interested. Yay Colonel Slacker!

^_^ Click for Art!

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[10 May 2006|07:54pm]

just some wallpapers i made... all roy mustang.

run away!Collapse )
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sorry if this is not allowed!! XD; Feel free to delete~ [01 May 2006|02:32pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Yup! Another RP comm... If you love writing fanfiction, then you'll love this! ^___^

!!!!Currently our Alphonse is on hiatus until we have a steady Roy Mustang and Ed Elric, since both players were inactive and were therefore cut. Need a Roy and Ed much? Yes we do! XD!!!!

New Spira info~

+ Over 40 characters already assembled! We'd love to have more people join us.
+ Everyone's really friendly~ We're like one big crack happy RP family!
+ You can pick any character from any videogame, anime, or manga.
+ New Spira has a unique plot/storyline. You'll feel like you're actually in Spira ^__^
+ We're a very active community! RP = love

Not Convinced? --New Spira in FULL detail!!Collapse )

Give us a look, ne? ♥
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[12 Feb 2006|11:29pm]

an update on a WIP

Cut off hereCollapse )
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pimpin [07 Feb 2006|02:34am]

If this isn't aloud, I'm sorry, by all means take it down, mods!

I just feel the need to pimp my new community. It is a RoyxEd challenge community. It is going to be tons of fun once it is on it's feet and rolling! Personal monthly challenges, in the form of 3 given key words and a line of dialogue. If you give a challenge, you in turn recieve one! Fun!! Join! Aishiteru FOREVER!


Love Always
Scarlett ^_^
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My Own Brand of Crappy Fanart [06 Dec 2005|09:45pm]


Well, I said I'd post some of my fanart stuff, so enjoy the crappiness.

This one's just a pencil sketch.


This was a pencil drawing (I draw everything in pencil to start) but then I colored it on MS Paint. *Mentally kills MS Paint* I need Photoshop...

The voices in my head nagged me until I drew this one.

Update: Here's a more recent one that I colored in OpenCanvas...

Please don't ask why this happened... -_-

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[29 Nov 2005|03:20pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

*Sigh of relief* And I was starting to think that I was the only one utterly obsessed with Roy... He's on my compter desktop, my bedroom wall, my binder, and there's a patch of him on my pants. o_o Not to mention that I would be perfectly content to just stare at him for the rest of my life...

Ahem. Anyway, I love to draw him, but unfortunately most of the pictures I draw are -crap- and the few that are slightly decent look horrible when I scan them. As soon as I get Photoshop, I'll be able to repair some of the crappiness- and hopefully post them. ^_^

Roy is cute/pretty/hot/sexy forever! :D

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[22 Oct 2005|04:22pm]
Remember to comment and credit _facade.

Note: Textless icons are not bases.

Icons (x60)
x04 Bleach [02 Byakuya/02 Renji]
x13 DN Angel [05 Daisuke/04 Krad/x04 Satoshi]
x08 Furuba [01 Kyou/03 Momiji/04 Yuki]
x09 FMA [08 Roy/01 Edward]
x03 Gravi [03 Ryuichi]
x10 Naruto [02 Itachi/07 Sasuke/01 GaaraxSasuke]
x01 ONG [01 KanouxAyase]
x02 PoT [01 Akutsu/01 Kaidoh]
x07 RK [07 Battousai]
x03 Ben Jelen

( Fake cut. )
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Roy chibi catboy~ [09 Oct 2005|09:58am]


He's under the updates, or 'chibis' section ....These are so cute, you guys ;~;
Any suggestions for other characters/series? :D

X-posted to: fm_alchemist, fma_yaoi
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Doodle [15 Aug 2005|03:25am]

I've been doing some oekaki lately... and Roy came across my mind. Then... I swear my hand was possesed or something.
Yeeah. Roy popped on the page!


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TT_TT [04 Aug 2005|12:49pm]

You know what? I am very DEEPLY sorry about the LAME-NESS of this layout. I'm not a very self motivated person but now that I see that there's more members~I feel GRRRREAT!

Where is that floppy disk? After about a billion months of searching, I decided to give up. Well, almost no one uses floppy disks anymore. Some computers being made don't even have the slot thingy.

Blah blah blah. Ok. I'll stop blabbering. Now to the point. The juicyness. The inner-core. The the the.. ______ *blank*.

So.. after discussing with Roy, We agreed to start a newNEW contest/vote in a newNEW layout to express his bursting sexiness.

[[[[[Rules that CANNOT be broken]]]]]
1. The main focus should be Roy (other characters are allowed *sigh*)
2. Oh gosh, it should be sexy and cool!!
3. No yaoi/het
4. Light light LIGHT shounen ai is allowed
5. No vulgar language
6. Nothing suggestive or violent
7. And because this is important, i'll repeat myself: It should be SEXY and COOL! <3

Heyy, lucky seven!

How to post your sexy&cool layout/background. [[[You can bend these rules.]]]
Subject: My [blank] layout/background!

It should be under an lj cut (go to the FAQ, or ask nicely to find out how) with a little intro.
You can (you don't have to) put a description of your layout/background, how you did it, why you did it, what you think about it, etc. Don't forget to say whether or not you want any constructive crit.!

Your layout/bg is going to be chosen by the number of votes.
To vote for your favorite one, comment it saying "yes" and you can comment/crit, only if the poster says so.

I'll make the due date more flexible-ish.
((DUE DATE:October.))
Yay, that gives you guys..... 2ish months to do this! I will shorten/lengthen the date depending on how much time I have. ^^

If you have any questions, just comment, and I'll try my best. Dont be scared. Even if I do get angry, I wont track you down and set you on fire.

have fun!
your lazy Roy community moderator.
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New here with pic [13 Jul 2005|08:56pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Ok I'm new here.... I was really bored today and with my new cell phone I decided to make a Roy cell phone cozy! Because I enjoy making stuff out of duct tape and other things. So here it is!!

Read more...Collapse )

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Behold....Roy! [04 Jul 2005|02:53pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

*Waves* Ohayo! I'm new to the group, but I thought I would share my latest bit of fan art that happens to be none other than the great and sexy Roy Mustang!

Let me know what you think ^_^Collapse )

I think it's actually one of my better bits of work. ^-^

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I have FMA Cards!! [01 Jul 2005|02:22pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Yes, cards! ^^ Lot's of them have Roy, so let's go!


Enjoy! And Love the Roy! ^^

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AMV - Intending to Burn [08 Jun 2005|04:33pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

My first music video ever! Woo hoo! I'm rather happy with how it turned out, actually. Quality isn't nice as I'd like, but not bad for my first go. It features Roy Mustang from Full Metal Alchemist and has MAJOR spoilers for episode 51.

Title: Intending to Burn
Anime: Full Metal Alchemist
Song: Alkaline Trio - Burn
Spoilers: Episode 51
Rating: PG (violence)


Crossposted to : fmalchemist, amv, _xroymustangx_, fullmetal_icons, zully.

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anime music video [29 May 2005|10:28pm]

[ mood | creative ]

hello fellow roy mustang fans ^_^

Just wanted to tell you all that i just finished two Roy/Riza Anime music videos. I was wanting you all to watch them and leave an opinion on them on animemusicvideos.org

here are the music videos site addresses..... i hope you enjoy them

music video 1 (romance)

music video 2 (romance/comedy)

there you go, hope you enjoy.

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I come bearing fanart [28 May 2005|01:50pm]

I like this community (hooray for the sexiness that is Roy). If only it was more active. Ah, well, here's my attempt at contributing to the active-ness.

This is the first anime-style attempt I've made in years, so be gentle. It could be a lot better, I know. I screwed up the coloring. It needs touching up in Photoshop. Anyway, here's everyone's favorite flame alchemist. :)
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