August 4th, 2005


You know what? I am very DEEPLY sorry about the LAME-NESS of this layout. I'm not a very self motivated person but now that I see that there's more members~I feel GRRRREAT!

Where is that floppy disk? After about a billion months of searching, I decided to give up. Well, almost no one uses floppy disks anymore. Some computers being made don't even have the slot thingy.

Blah blah blah. Ok. I'll stop blabbering. Now to the point. The juicyness. The inner-core. The the the.. ______ *blank*.

So.. after discussing with Roy, We agreed to start a newNEW contest/vote in a newNEW layout to express his bursting sexiness.

[[[[[Rules that CANNOT be broken]]]]]
1. The main focus should be Roy (other characters are allowed *sigh*)
2. Oh gosh, it should be sexy and cool!!
3. No yaoi/het
4. Light light LIGHT shounen ai is allowed
5. No vulgar language
6. Nothing suggestive or violent
7. And because this is important, i'll repeat myself: It should be SEXY and COOL! <3

Heyy, lucky seven!

How to post your sexy&cool layout/background. [[[You can bend these rules.]]]
Subject: My [blank] layout/background!

It should be under an lj cut (go to the FAQ, or ask nicely to find out how) with a little intro.
You can (you don't have to) put a description of your layout/background, how you did it, why you did it, what you think about it, etc. Don't forget to say whether or not you want any constructive crit.!

Your layout/bg is going to be chosen by the number of votes.
To vote for your favorite one, comment it saying "yes" and you can comment/crit, only if the poster says so.

I'll make the due date more flexible-ish.
((DUE DATE:October.))
Yay, that gives you guys..... 2ish months to do this! I will shorten/lengthen the date depending on how much time I have. ^^

If you have any questions, just comment, and I'll try my best. Dont be scared. Even if I do get angry, I wont track you down and set you on fire.

have fun!
your lazy Roy community moderator.