March 28th, 2005

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Full Metal Alchemist Slash RP!


I would like to invite you guys to the newly created Full Metal Alchemist Slash role playing community. This community includes two types of role playing: First-Person blog entries, and third-person descriptive role playing. A community-wide third-person role play is held in the community blog; each member makes a post that somehow links their character into the plot and timeline.


Meanwhile, each character has the responsibility of writing down personal responses, comments, and thoughts in their individual blog, while other players are free to comment and read those entries.


This community contains shounen ai and/or yaoi, however, if you do not wish to engage in male/male relationships and you simply want to role play, then you are free to apply for a female role!


We are still a new community, thus many of the positions have not yet been filled!


So, are you interested in joining? Then visit us at for further information!