December 20th, 2004

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Wow, i'm sorry for making this community so dead. o.O

The BG is on a floppy disk.. and my new computer doesn't have those floppy disk insertery things. Sigh, now that people are using those fancy "thumb drives" TT_TT I'm so out of date.

Hm, so now that Full Metal Alchemist is over... I hope Roy's sexiness will live on. ^^

Your Fullmetal Alchemist fetish by nazgul5
FetishRoy's gloves
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Aw, too bad they dont work in the rain ^^ (I hope some people got that)

Fullmetal Alchemist MatchMaker~ by zee-chan
Fav animal~
Fav anime~
Best Match~John Havok
Will meet on~November 9, 1954
Will meet at~on a transmutation circle
and~making fun of each other's hair
Will meet your best friends~Fury & Breda
at~on the deserted Jack island in Lake Kauroy
and~reading the Hughes' photo album
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o.OO Does anyone know his age? I lazily roamed around google, and couldn't findd itttt