August 30th, 2004


Does anyones like making backrounds?
This backround is really plain and lame, so I'm thinking of starting up a contest for a sexy Roy backround.^^

It should match the layout. (Journal on the left, Main bg focus on the right^^)

I'll have a couple people judge the backround, so it wont be me choosing^^

*I recommend that the backround should be in an lj cut, or just the direct link* :)

WHeee!! I'm so excited to see sexy Roy pridefully show off his sexy...ness in these backrounds.
(It doesn't have to be sexy, it can be cool, cute, ugly, happy, mean, sad, er.. running out of words o.O


Due: 10-1-04 (October 1st, 2004) Just in case you can't read numbers o.O XD
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wrong turn


Three whole people including me...not fair there are like 267892678924768279627692762986 million people on all the Hughes communities. Well we'll just have to recruit a bunch of people won't we? Anyway I like your icon...Jeez he's hot...I'm not really an icon making person (since I don't really know how to XD) but I have a website for you guys if you like Hughes x Roy
Well let's hope more people will join.
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wrong turn


So I'm looking for pictures to use for an icon...maybe you skilled icon-making people can use some of these pictures?
which happens to be taken from this one (I think this is kinda big to be made into an icon):

ummmm any others I find seem to be fanart so I'll just update again later if I find some other good ones...
If I'm being more annoying than helpful lemme know