//e n b i i. (enbii) wrote in _xroymustangx_,
//e n b i i.

Yaoi Icons!

More icons to love...

-FullMetal Alchemist [Envy/Ed; Jean/Roy; Elricest; Ed/Hei; Roy/Ed]
-Gravitation [Yuki/Shuichi]
-Loveless [Soubi/Ritsuka]
-Ouran High School Host Club [Twins]

The way I love you...

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    Hi, I'm new here and this is a Hughes/Roy fic I wrote, so... check it out, please and I hope you all like it. :D Title: Boundaries Series: FullMetal…

  • (no subject)

    It's been a while since I posted here... so, for the hell of it, here ya go ^_^ </div>

  • Roy wallpaper *cough* first time posting here....

    Here's one Roy and one Envy wallpaper for your hungry eyes, enjoy! SmEx

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