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_xo_inlove_ox_'s Journal

xo In Love ox
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All Members , Moderated

This community is for anyone and everyone who's in love! Need advice? Looking for ideas for anniversary gifts? Or do you just want to brag about your boyfriend/girlfriend? Then join this community!

After you join, please fill out this small suvey so we get a better idea of you and your significant other!

Your name:
S/O name:
Your age:
Their age:
Status: (dating, engaged, or married)
Are you in love?:
How long:
Anniversary date:
How did you two meet?:
Anything else:

Also, if you have pictures feel free to post them. But please put them behind an livejournal cut!

1. Do not be rude to other members! No bashing!
2. LJ cut if you're posting pictures.
3. No promoting, it will get you banned.

Please don't join if all your going to post is stuff like "OMG! There iz dis boy in mah english class that i'm in luuuuuv wif! But he duzn't even no i'm alive! HELP!" This is for people who are already in a relationship

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