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Alright, so I've got a bit of an issue here.

Basically, I've become really attracted to this guy I work with, he's a friend of Robby's. I've even started having dreams about this guy.
Now I love Robby, and nothing would ever make me stray from him, but I feel just so completely crappy that I've become attracted to this guy. And it's not like I can avoid him, cause I work with him(Plus, we have a lot in common and have become friends as well).
I know I can't control who I'm attracted too, and I'd NEVER cheat on Robby. I just feel bad.

My question though, should I tell Robby about it? I feel bad...
And if this has happened to you at all, how did you handle it? I can't just stop being attracted to him, I know this much, and I work with him every day, and I'd rather not stop being friends with him. It's a confusing and weird situation for me, and I probably sound really naive to all of you, but this is the first time I've had to deal with this sort of thing in the three years I've been with Robby.

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Request please... I'll love whoever does this for me forever... I promise!

I want some pics of me and ti, turned into something like the icon below. It looks soft, and the heart and writing looks cool. I want it to say "we are sooo in love" and then "in love since 21/08/04"


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I got a post card from Robby today!!!!*sqeals of happiness ensue*
He wrote the post card on the 23rd, but it just got here today. LOL. It's from Croatia, how cool is that!
He says he misses me, and that he's having a good time(but kind of bored, casue there aren't many people his age on the cruise. Everyone is either middle aged-elderly, or really really young. So I'm sure he's spending a lot of quality time with his family. haha.

Now, I'm sure I'll get all the flaming of "See, you were worrying over nothing!" and I'll be the first one to admit I was. But that's the kind of person I am. hahaha. I've always been a person to worry easily when I don't hear from people I'm close to. If my parents are gone all day, and I don't know where they are, I worry cause I always think they might be hurt somewhere. I'm a worrier, something I need to work on. lol

I love it when I get 30 bucks for just taking in the recycling, it's a good feeling, easy money like that(Though I got dirty gathering everything, but oh well. haha).

I have a lot of engergy right now, probably cause I heard from Robby and I so happy! But my back hurts from work, so I think I'm going to go lie down and read.


He's been gone a little over a week, and I haven't heard one word from him.
He told me he'd email me(Cause internet cafe's/bars are pretty popular there, plus he said they have computers on the cruise ship, so it's not like he has no internet access).
It's hard to feel like he misses me, when he doesn't seem to be making too much effort to contact me...
I miss him a lot, not hearing from him isn't making it much better.

Guess he doesn't miss me.

My friends have been keeping me busy though, last night, me, Mary, Steve, Jason and Jordan got together and watched some movies, and Mary spent the night with me at Robby's the other night, so I'm still having a good summer, despite the fact that I haven't heard from him. But he's still at the top of my mind ya know?

Guess I'll just have to wait and see if he contacts me later, cause he's gone for a little over a week more.

How would you girls handle this kind of situation? I mean, he's in Europe on a cruise, so I don't expect a phone call(Cause it'd be really expensive). And I suppose he could just be really busy with his family sight-seeing, but I thought he would have at least sent me a short email by now...

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Tyler came over yesterday, he'd been away on holiday, so it was great to see him! He was playing the playstation so I went to my room and put flower petals all over the bed, turned off the lights, and lit candels. Then I called him in. It was soooooo sweet, just like in the movies.
I'm gunna make my journal friends only, so if anyone wants to read it, just add me as a friend and then I'll add you back. I really want some people to talk and comment too!

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He's only been gone for a day and I already miss him so much :-(
Though I'm happy I got to see him yesterday morning before he left, he came over at 8:30am to pick up his house key and said good bye to me. It's proving to be very hard not having him here to cuddle with.
He can't call me, cause international calling is expensive, unless he gets a calling card. But he said he'd write to me and email me.
God I miss him...
I'm so pathetic aren't I?

I'm at his house right now, watching his pets, and letting Whittney(his dog) in the house for a while cause it's so damned hot outside, and she can't be left inside by herself. So I figure I'll hang here for an hour or so, then go home and come back later and let her in for a little while longer.

Christa was here for the weekend and left today to go back to Arcadia, so until Robby gets home, I'll probably just spend a lot of time here with Whittney and Eddie. Even Mary is out of town! Why is everyone leaving at the same time! I mean, everyone said to keep busy, but everyone I hang out with is gone. Guess I'll have Harry Potter to keep me company huh?

So yea, I'm trying to take everyone's advice and keep busy while he's gone, and I figured I'd update to tell you all I'm trying. LOL. It's not easy though.

Not much else to update on, sorry for the sparatic entry. LOL.

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Your name: Kelly
S/O name: Tyler
Your age: just turned 16 =D
Their age:  15
Status: (dating, engaged, or married) dating
Are you in love?: YES
How long: over a year on my behalf
Anniversary date: we don't actually know... we didn't take note..
Children?: Someday
How did you two meet?: Through school
Anything else: I LOVE MY BABY