Heather (hedder_42) wrote in _xo_inlove_ox_,

I figured it out

Well not about the living situation but about what to do with our wedding. I am from MN Brent and I live in IL right now, and most likely will for a long time. So when we are planning on getting married means we will get married in Galesburg. We also dont want a big wedding, sure Id love to have a dream wedding but theres no way that would ever happen, even years from now, unless I win publshers clearing house which I did sign up for. Anyways, we are getting married at the courthouse, lame and sad maybe but it will be small an intimate and thats what we want. Now for all our family and friends to be able to celbrate our marriage with us Brent had the idea of us having 2 receptions. One in Rochester and one in Galesburg, sure not right at the same time but close to eachother enough so it will still have a point after we get married. Brent said we can have the reception in Galesburg at his uncles, that will be cool, and I am not sure where in Rochester we will have that reception. All I know is both of them will be a crazy wild togetherness party and it will be a wonderful ocassion and a blasty blast. Maybe a few people will go to both receptions but I am not sure. We will see I guess! What say you guys about this?
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