Heather (hedder_42) wrote in _xo_inlove_ox_,

what do I do?

Please, this is on topic, its about me and my boyfriend and our current situation on being a couple/engaged so it pertains

Ok let me back track for you. When I moved here in July, it was me, Brent, TJ, Gabe Teresa and Terry living here. That seems like an ok amount of people, enough rooms for everyone, not to crowded. Well it went on like that for a while, then about 2 or 3 months ago, David (Brents brother) made some dumbass decisions with his life, and now he lives here too, and alot of times his son Julian will live here and his new gf christina. So now we are up to 8 people living here mostly. So that goes on for a bit, and sure it gets kind of loud now and then with the babies and all that but I stay upstairs alot anyways so I can just shut the door. I really dont like christina, so I just try to ignore her. So since they moved here Brent and I started looking into income based housing, we appled and were accepted for it, but then theres the waiting period and seeing when we actually can have an interview then seeing when we can actually move in, that could be a year from now! So all we can really do right now is save save save, only buy things we need like food and gas and little things for the bathroom and whatnot. So thats what we are doing since I got this new job, pretty much all my money has gone into savings except when I need to buy new shoes for work, then the rest gets saved. So now we come to a new problem. Teresa just imformed me that her daughter Tiffany will be moving in here as well, due to not having her house anymore. She has 2 kids. So now we will have 11 people living in this tiny house with only 3 bedrooms! What the hell! I understand they are her kids but they moved out long ago,they should figure their own lives out! Brent and I really need to get out of here but I cant think of anyway to make this fact go faster. Any ideas? I am out of them
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