Heather (hedder_42) wrote in _xo_inlove_ox_,

happy 2006


Well my new years went well. Nothin to party like, just a laid back night, since we are laid back people. THe family got some appetizers from applebee's mmmm yummy, potatoe skins, onion peels, cheese sticks, and a few other things I didnt eat. We played SNL trivial persuit for a bit. Started getting tipsy off of Butterscotch Schnapps, mmmmm! Brent and I watched Bewitched the movie, his parents went to bed at 9! After that Brent went and played WOW for a bit and TJ and I watched Hot Shots! I went upstairs and Brent and I watched some south park episodes then it was midnight! We kissed a whole bunch and all that wild stuff, and went to bed! I woke up with a headache but oh well!

Muh boys

Using an old wheel as a bed





I am so excited!!


Playing WOW

being perdy


Happy New Year!


What are your guys' new years resolutions? Mine would have to be to save up enough money for Brent and I to have enough rent money for a few months, when we finally do get accepted to live in the income based housing. When we do get moved into that place I want to try to forget about all the pain and shit that went on in 2005, and move on with my life, start over.

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