Heather (hedder_42) wrote in _xo_inlove_ox_,

Christmas Day!!

Yay! Today is Christmas. I made out pretty good with the gifts and whatnot. I got from mom and dad mcclay a purse,a purple jacket and a shirt and pinstriped pants, hair brushes and ties, Brent and I both got a gift card to Hot Topic and the movie theatre. Gabriel gave me socks, so I have some that match now! TJ got the whole family Saturday Night Live DVD trivial persuit. Brent got the whole nine yards and ten yards and the new office space special edition. I got up at 630 and went to bed at 1:00 I am not even tired! wow!

Good morning!

Ditka dog

Gabe opening presents

Brent is a happy boy

Gabe likes his book


My stash

TJ with his morning cup of java lol

The grownups like gabes toy better than gabe does!

Brent got me this monkey today

I love it

sleepy kitty

I am gonna try and tell you all I got from my family, lets see how I do

well I cant remember who from but Brent and I got 60 dollars worth of Hot Topic money, 25 for Walmart and about 70 for mcdonalds. My mom got me a few shirts, Marry Poppins, the outsiders and airheads. A wwe calender, chris got me Korns new cd kari got me paint by numbers with tigers as the picture, and bubble wrap. Wanda got me PJ bottoms for brent and me to share, some candles, and I know I am forgetting so many things, I suck!

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