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A few days of pics

almost 2 weeks ago Brent TJ and I put up the Christmas tree. It was a special day because its the first time I ever got to share a special ocassion with a significant other, so it felt nice to be able to put the tree up with him and it was fun to have TJ help too.

Takin out the lights

Putting up the lights

Sir McCLay as he called himself

Putting up Garland

Styrofoam fight

Putting the skirt on

Never heard of putting ribbons on a tree but it looked nice

Putting up ornaments

Sometimes you gotta wear stockings on your feet

How did we do?

Yay love


Here are happy pics for happy times!!

I look like an idiot

my happy boy

staring contest

sexy boy


Seems like TJ (brents brother) has been hanging out with me an awful lot lately, he must be desperate for entertainment! LoL So from when he got home from school til after Raw I hung out with him and Brent and some of the time Gabe (brents other brother) was up in my room. So it was a night with the McClay brothers. Even David was up here once in a while watching Raw! No pics of him tho.

I look shy


TJ sort of smiles

Gabe likes to smile

lots of teeth in color

Lots of teeth in sepia

Pillow love in color

pillow love is sepia

TJ in sepia

he was drawing

TJ brushing Gabes hair


File does not exist. kitty love

Brent drew this, it was his first time drawing a person, and thats all he could see of the pic on the background

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