Erin (galadrine) wrote in _xo_inlove_ox_,


He's been gone a little over a week, and I haven't heard one word from him.
He told me he'd email me(Cause internet cafe's/bars are pretty popular there, plus he said they have computers on the cruise ship, so it's not like he has no internet access).
It's hard to feel like he misses me, when he doesn't seem to be making too much effort to contact me...
I miss him a lot, not hearing from him isn't making it much better.

Guess he doesn't miss me.

My friends have been keeping me busy though, last night, me, Mary, Steve, Jason and Jordan got together and watched some movies, and Mary spent the night with me at Robby's the other night, so I'm still having a good summer, despite the fact that I haven't heard from him. But he's still at the top of my mind ya know?

Guess I'll just have to wait and see if he contacts me later, cause he's gone for a little over a week more.

How would you girls handle this kind of situation? I mean, he's in Europe on a cruise, so I don't expect a phone call(Cause it'd be really expensive). And I suppose he could just be really busy with his family sight-seeing, but I thought he would have at least sent me a short email by now...
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