Erin (galadrine) wrote in _xo_inlove_ox_,

He's only been gone for a day and I already miss him so much :-(
Though I'm happy I got to see him yesterday morning before he left, he came over at 8:30am to pick up his house key and said good bye to me. It's proving to be very hard not having him here to cuddle with.
He can't call me, cause international calling is expensive, unless he gets a calling card. But he said he'd write to me and email me.
God I miss him...
I'm so pathetic aren't I?

I'm at his house right now, watching his pets, and letting Whittney(his dog) in the house for a while cause it's so damned hot outside, and she can't be left inside by herself. So I figure I'll hang here for an hour or so, then go home and come back later and let her in for a little while longer.

Christa was here for the weekend and left today to go back to Arcadia, so until Robby gets home, I'll probably just spend a lot of time here with Whittney and Eddie. Even Mary is out of town! Why is everyone leaving at the same time! I mean, everyone said to keep busy, but everyone I hang out with is gone. Guess I'll have Harry Potter to keep me company huh?

So yea, I'm trying to take everyone's advice and keep busy while he's gone, and I figured I'd update to tell you all I'm trying. LOL. It's not easy though.

Not much else to update on, sorry for the sparatic entry. LOL.
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