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Intro :-D

Your name:Erin
S/O name:Robby
Your age:19
Their age:17(Yea, he's a little younger, but I JUST turned 19 and he's turning 18 in November).
Status: (dating, engaged, or married)Engaged actually :-)
Are you in love?:Very much.
How long:How long have I been in love? I'd have to say I fell in love about a month in to our relationship. I was having a lot of emotional issues at the time and he was there for me, I realized how much I loved him then and that I wanted to be with him forever.
Anniversary date:October 10th, 2002.
Children?:Not yet. We're both too young and still in school.
How did you two meet?:Band my junior(His sophmore) year of high school. Yup, we're both band geeks and damned proud of it :-D
Anything else:As you can see from our anniversary date, we're coming up on three years together pretty soon here, any ideas you all might have for an anniversary surprise would be great :-D

Here are a few pictures(Sorry there's a lot, lol):

Here's my baby looking weird eating some stew that my mom made a couple weeks ago.
Image hosted by
Me at his senior prom on April 30th of this year.
Image hosted by
A few mushy pictures of us together. haha
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Him and his dog(Who is no longer with us :-()
Image hosted by

And a couple blends I made(I love my PSP8):
Image hosted by
Image hosted by

Sorry there were so many, haha. I love showing him off :-P
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