I need help

Someone has been posting messages saying brent cheated on me with this person, and its anonymous. I have a IP address but dont know how to find out who the person is, does anyone know how to run those? message me back or aim me drainyou2736 or msn me your help would be appreciated!

New here!

Your name: Meghan
S/O name: Scott
Your age: 21
Their age: 20
Status: (dating, engaged, or married) dating
Are you in love?: very much so
How long: been together for 2 months today actually
Anniversary date: November 2nd 2005
Children?: none...although I do bug him all the time about wanting to have 4 kids some day lol
How did you two meet?: online, well sorta-he got my connection from one of his good friends that I knew years ago
Anything else: Don't really know what else to say other than that I am crazy about this guy! Glad to finally have found my true love:) I have some pics...once I figure out how to do a LJ cut ( I'm not good with this sort of stuff! ) I'll post them.
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