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sincere apologies

i'm in the midst of moving right now, so if it takes a little while for me to accept whatever posts may come in to this community, i'm really really sorry.

BUT there is a prize for all of you once i have steady internet time at my new place. it's a secret for now, but it's juicy and wrapped in the warmest fetus blood you can find.


POST MORE. this place used to be packed. c'mon. let'S hear your stories!

love and black-face as always,

miranda valentic.
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in berlin

[i promised a report. well, my friend M wrote it up first so i'm mostly going to borrow from him and will throw in a comment or two in brackets. he also took the above video and if you click over to the youtube page it is on you'll find more.

M wrote:]

"Orgasmic Intensity: Xiu Xiu Live in Berlin (05/02/08)

"Magnet club is a good venue for concerts, just make sure you arrive early and are in the front rows. The concert hall is long and narrow with a rather low stage; if you’re not in the front, you’ll be staring at many heads. It was still early when I got there, and Jamie Stewart was actually sitting behind a table selling his CDs and T-shirts. He was talking with a woman who was buying a CD, but Jamie kept giving her money back while the woman also kept refusing the money. I heard him saying 'I made this CD because of you' or something like that. It was probably not the best time to intrude, I thought to myself, and kept a distance and waited for my turn. However, the woman grabbed herself a chair, sat herself down and the two were engaged in a conversation. More people came. Should I perhaps go and buy a CD so I can chat with him a little? Somehow Knowing he was aware of me watching him and the woman the whole time suddenly made me feel embarrassed. Then the show started.Collapse )
a promise
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my apologies

hi! i'm the mod here on _xiu xiu

i want to sincerely apologize for lack of timing for accepting posts. i've been in and out of rehab, not to mention that song about me on women as lovers and unfortunately being on the dvd has created a lot of phone calls and a lot of busy time for me.

but now i'm back and i'm fully responsible for this community so no worries!

if those of you are coming to toronto, i'm miranda aka white nerd. say hi if you'd like! i hope it's going to be a great show and they play the song.

ok. all love and respect to the fans out there.


miranda aka sinister funkhouse aka white nerd aka junkie


in case you don't stalk xiu xiu as creepily as i do, WOMEN AS LOVERS and a super happy funtime dvd is now available for preorder.

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