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em. n00b alert.

hi. i'm demi. i'm obsessed with the lord of the rings. i've just discovered my typing skills are going out the window, as well. anyway. this community looks great, and feels great...and i'd like to, you know, make friends and stuff. y'all don't have any rules up, so i feel sort of awkward, because generally communities have a bunch of rules, but that's okay because maybe i'll lighten up a bit.

whew. i just rambled.

anyway, feel free to add me; i'm always on the hunt for new friends and new conversations. like i said earlier, this place looks awesome. maybe i could help, you know, liven things up.


and one more question: am i allowed to "take a role," per se? i allowed to be eowyn? or galadriel? someone?

yeah again.

<3 y'all.

(yes, i'm from the south)


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I just wanted to tell you all that I miss you.
These past few weeks, almost months, have just been so so so crappy and I'm tired of shit. So tired. But it just seems like I never get to see or talk to anyone outside of getting to dance with the one and only at drama. That is about the extent besides the occasional 5 minutes in the morning and orchestra with Heather which I look forward to every day just so I can sit next to someone who I care about and that cares about me. I wish I could have been here for the break and about a million other times I have missed spending with you guys. Just looking at pictures of that sleepover makes me realize again how much I miss being with you all.
I can't wait until everything is over. I want everything to be done and gone, including but not limited to school, drama, stress, and the gazillion other problems I'm always having at the same time. I can't wait until the next time I can sleep as long as I want to, read a book I want to, spend time with you, and just forget that everything else is going on. Because when I am with you all that is what happens, everything melts away and it is just me and my friends having fun, it's the best feeling I've encountered thus far in life.
I'm tired and I miss you.
Because I love you.
And my friends are my life.
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This is a community for people who love Lord of the Rings! If you'd like to join, please just comment and I'll most likely accept. This is Friends Only ... just so we can use this cool Friends Only banner. HAHA!

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