June 16th, 2005

labyrinth: sarah the princess

a elbereth gilthoniel

em. n00b alert.

hi. i'm demi. i'm obsessed with the lord of the rings. i've just discovered my typing skills are going out the window, as well. anyway. this community looks great, and feels great...and i'd like to, you know, make friends and stuff. y'all don't have any rules up, so i feel sort of awkward, because generally communities have a bunch of rules, but that's okay because maybe i'll lighten up a bit.

whew. i just rambled.

anyway, feel free to add me; i'm always on the hunt for new friends and new conversations. like i said earlier, this place looks awesome. maybe i could help, you know, liven things up.


and one more question: am i allowed to "take a role," per se? like...am i allowed to be eowyn? or galadriel? someone?

yeah again.

<3 y'all.

(yes, i'm from the south)