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Alpha and Omega

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I am Alpha and Omega

The Beging and the End

The First and the Last...

Maintainer and Moderator;sylverdragonfly

Welcome to _xenogears_ a community dedicated to the PlayStation game...Xenogears. No this is not a Xenosaga community, but the first and official community to Xenogears alone, please don't get the two confused :) This group should satisfy all of your Xenogears needs whether you want hard to find Xenogears images (i.e. Perfect Works images) we have them, if you need strategy help we've got you covered, fan art and fiction, or just simple discussion it's right here.

So what is Xenogears? It is a role playing game created by Squaresoft. It's Final Fantasy VII meets Gundam Wing, and yes the ones who designed the Gundams for GW also did the gear work for Xenogears (useless trivia). The story is, however, more compelling and in-depth (and if you're not paying attention the story could get confusing). The game centers around a young martial artist named Fei Fong Wong and his struggles after a poweful mechanized Gear ends up in his hands. On his journey Fei meets a variety of different characters that will either befriend him or set themselves wholly into destroying him. Caught up in a scheme he never asked to be a part of Fei is persued by military governments, royal pirates, spies, the emperor, and his own forgotten past. The drama, the mystery, the excitement, the beautiful character designs, the pretty music! This game is nearly 10 years old so the graphics are on the same level with FFVII as well, but it's worth the time to play it :3

1. Keep all topics Xenogears, Xenogears related, or videogame related. (I changed this rule because from time to time I like to hear about what's going on with he rest of the video game world...just don't make it a habit of straying too much)
2. No flame wars, character bashing, spam, racism, derogatory remarks aimed at a persons sexuality, likes, or dislikes (of course I don't want all out character bashing, but you're free to express what you like or dislike about a certain character...just be elegant when you talk about characters you're not fond of because we don't want wars)
3. Use lj-cut for long posts and large images.
4. In reguards to fan art and fiction, no theft, do not claim a work as your own please. If it belongs to someone else give them credit! (This is grounds for banning, I despise art and fic thieves)
5. Yaoi, Yuri, Hentai is allowed, but you must put it under a cut and label it, or better yet fake cut it back to your journal.
6. Feel free to promote your community and this community and/or affiliate with _xenogears_