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Xenogears to be on the PSN, and a new album

As I'm sure all of you have heard about, not only is Xenogears going to finally be available in NA on the Playstation Network as a PSOne classic (thus meaning it's playable on a PSP and a PS3 system), but Square-Enix and Yasunori Mitsuda have teamed up to create an orchestral album for the game, coming out this February. This is incredibly exciting, especially for those of us who can't use homebrew programs on our PSPs for various reasons.

Announcement on Xenogears being released on the PSN

Myth: A Xenogears Orchestral Album Official Website

You can go on the Myth website to listen to one of the tracks playing in the background (the one that plays during the opening, "Light into the Netherworld" I think?). It sounds AMAZING, and they also have a tracklist up, although most of it is written in Japanese, so I can't tell you what's on there besides Small of Two Pieces.

Just thought I'd share this with you folks, for those who still come here. :} I'm rather excited about it's release on the NA PSN, since this means considerably more people will be able to access the game, and for a mere fraction of the price that you'd pay for an actual copy of the game on Ebay on a good day. :D
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