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This community could use a little loving! So, I figured, let's start something. And by start something, I mean I have the next several days off, but have been craving any and all things Xenogears, and I should really practice my drawing and stop playing FFXIII, so...

Who wants free Xenogears art? :D

Just tell me who you'd like to see fanart of, and I'll churn out a doodle, sketch, inked pic, whatever comes to mind. This is only for the first ten folks who respond. I'll reply to your post with the picture, and probably post the links in this post so everyone can find them easily or something. Just don't request something ridiculous like everyone's gears doing the hokey-poky.

It's night time now, so I might not get to your art until morning. HOWEVER, I shall draw them, for sure! :D

COME ON, DO IT! HIT ME WITH YOUR BEST SHOT! Just lay off the drive... >.>

Also, would any of you be interested in this becoming a weekly thing? Maybe so there's at least something happening here? D: Input is loved!
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