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A shout out again to a community that needs you! [28 Feb 2011|01:07am]

 Hello All! I see my post got deleted somehow??? Hmmm oh well...


We are coming up on our very first anniversary! I need input from die hard fans like you. I would love to hear what you think of the site. As well as share you opinions about the new PSN release and Album. Hope to see you there :)
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Xenogears to be on the PSN, and a new album [31 Dec 2010|09:03pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

As I'm sure all of you have heard about, not only is Xenogears going to finally be available in NA on the Playstation Network as a PSOne classic (thus meaning it's playable on a PSP and a PS3 system), but Square-Enix and Yasunori Mitsuda have teamed up to create an orchestral album for the game, coming out this February. This is incredibly exciting, especially for those of us who can't use homebrew programs on our PSPs for various reasons.

Announcement on Xenogears being released on the PSN

Myth: A Xenogears Orchestral Album Official Website

You can go on the Myth website to listen to one of the tracks playing in the background (the one that plays during the opening, "Light into the Netherworld" I think?). It sounds AMAZING, and they also have a tracklist up, although most of it is written in Japanese, so I can't tell you what's on there besides Small of Two Pieces.

Just thought I'd share this with you folks, for those who still come here. :} I'm rather excited about it's release on the NA PSN, since this means considerably more people will be able to access the game, and for a mere fraction of the price that you'd pay for an actual copy of the game on Ebay on a good day. :D

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[06 Jun 2010|12:46am]

[ mood | devious ]

This community could use a little loving! So, I figured, let's start something. And by start something, I mean I have the next several days off, but have been craving any and all things Xenogears, and I should really practice my drawing and stop playing FFXIII, so...

Who wants free Xenogears art? :D

Just tell me who you'd like to see fanart of, and I'll churn out a doodle, sketch, inked pic, whatever comes to mind. This is only for the first ten folks who respond. I'll reply to your post with the picture, and probably post the links in this post so everyone can find them easily or something. Just don't request something ridiculous like everyone's gears doing the hokey-poky.

It's night time now, so I might not get to your art until morning. HOWEVER, I shall draw them, for sure! :D

COME ON, DO IT! HIT ME WITH YOUR BEST SHOT! Just lay off the drive... >.>

Also, would any of you be interested in this becoming a weekly thing? Maybe so there's at least something happening here? D: Input is loved!

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[05 Apr 2010|06:35pm]

So I just got back from Sakura-Con up in Seattle, and it was a blast. While I was there, I did a ton of sketches for Xenogears, which I uploaded to my LJ. Let's see how long it takes before Photobucket takes down my Miang sketch. XD

Do be warned, some of the sketches might be considered somewhat NWS. Take care when viewing.

( Follow the fake cut! )


Still alive? [19 Mar 2010|02:41pm]

[ mood | bored ]

Anyone still watching this place? This is my first time making a post here, and I think it's unfortunate that this place is kind of dead, while the GameFAQs message board is still pretty active. I don't know if anyone else looks at the GameFAQs board, but I found this while lurking on it and thought it was pretty cool:


So, apparently you can beat Deus on foot. Anyone else find anything interesting about the game they'd like to share?

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More art! :D [11 Feb 2010|10:51pm]

[ mood | nerdy ]

Some more art, although most of it is inked this time. Fake-cut to my journal for the goodies.

( Because Ramsus can't just be sketched. He must be inked. )

Enjoy! Remember, if there's a character you're really itching to see drawn, just ask, it might happen. ;D


Fanart! ;D [09 Feb 2010|09:18pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

This community is looking really quiet and lonely. D: Let's keep the love flowing!

Just some scribbles, for your viewing pleasureCollapse )


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:3 [26 Jun 2009|03:30pm]

[ mood | hot ]

I can't remember whether or not anyone has shared this yet, but I found this on flickr. I think they've finally, completely, translated the perfect works. Reading the character profiles was great, I didn't know that Bart could see out of his left eye and that Sigurd donated his cornea. Interesting details.

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perfect works scanlated! [28 Apr 2009|11:41am]

Hey all you awesome Xenofreaks ^_^

Not sure if any of you had seen this around, but someone finally has a COMPLETE copy of the perfect works scan-lated. I haven't looked through it myself, yet, since I'm at school now. But I download it when I get home. A friend downloaded it, so it looks like everything's safe...

Enjoy!: http://www.gamesetwatch.com/2009/04/xenogears_perfect_works_transl.php

Also, is there anyone who RPs/writes fanfiction for Xenogears (or even Xenosaga) and would be interested in doing something over the summer? I have a few ideas rolling around, but I'm excited to hear if you all have any.

Okay, that's enough rambling from me, today. <3!
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Id Question? [19 Mar 2009|02:33pm]

[ mood | curious ]

I have a question guys, do any of you recall whether or not Id has his own stats? Like height and weight? I don't have my copy of PW on me right now to check, I want to say that his stats and Fei's are different...he just seems bigger to me somehow.

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Perfect Works download [29 Jan 2009|09:32am]

Hey again, all! This was too much awesome not to share:

I downloaded the Perfect Works a bit ago, and while it isn't scanlated or anything, obviously, the art is just amazing. Some people were kind enough to scan and upload from their copies, so  here's two links for you (in case one goes poof):


And here!

In case neither of those links work, I should be able to upload my copy some day in the near future, so let me know if the links worked out okay for you. I have a pretty crappy connection and it took me about an hour to download it, but trust me, it's well worth it.
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[27 Jan 2009|09:18pm]

Hello fellow Xeno-freaks! I was so freaking excited to see a community that's dedicated to Xenogears that I couldn't help but post.

For Christmas, I finally got a copy of the game -- I had one years ago and unfortunately my ex kept it after the break-up. Oi. But either way, all of my musings, obsessions and love for Xenogears has been reawakened as I'm going back through the game now. (Not to mention I can finally understand all the psychological talk.  I can't count how many times I was reading a textbook and would see a random Xeno character in the definition. Even freaking Primera. Ahem, anyyway...)

Anyway, I noticed the awesome scans and icons in the other posts. And while I'm not artistic like that, I'm fairly decent at writing -- and I'm a roleplayer, too! If you want to RP or  want to do some sort of fanfic exchange or anything of the sort, I'm game!

And I'm a rambler, too. I apologize in advance for that >_<;;. So... hi, community! Please don't be dead!
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It's pretty quiet... [18 Oct 2008|06:07pm]


 Not much going on around here, huh? Anybody have anything Xenogears-related happen recently? :D

 I've been translating some Xenosaga stuff, but other than that, not a whole lot... >x<
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Billy and the Ethos [09 Aug 2008|02:09pm]

[ mood | hungry ]

I've got a question about Xenogears... I recently decided to play through Xenogears again, because it's just that awesome. :3 I got to the part where you meet Billy, and didn't pick it back up again for a month or so.  Yesterday I was playing though, and Bishop Stone keeps going on about how Billy left the Ethos (even though he's an Etone?) and I'm so utterly confused.... when did Billy leave the Ethos? I mean, because he's an Etone, isn't he part of the Ethos? >A< Maybe I'm totally misunderstanding this part, but if somebody could explain what Stone's talking about, I'd feel a bit better. XD

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Derp! [24 Jul 2008|11:08pm]


At least, the 4-koma is done. Man, not something you want to try and do all in the same day. ^^;;; Obviously, it's still in it's raw form, but you don't really need to know Japanese to understand most of the gags anyways.


That, or it's just acid reflux. BUT ANYWAYS.

Xenogears Yonkoma Anthology

This is rather a given, but if there is anything wrong with the files (like they are corrupt or something, or the .rar is messed up), please, LET ME KNOW so I can fix it. You will need WinRaR or a similar program to extract the files. It's 44MB of AWESOME SAUCE.

Also, Elly is totally a yaoi fangirl. True facts.

EDIT: RE-UPLOADED. From now on, I'm uploading to Megaupload, because they let me reset the expiration date of a link without having to reupload the item. You can find future updates/links on my own LJ as well here.

Don't hesitate to email me, too, in case the link goes out again. :3
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DramaDramaDuck [19 Jul 2008|10:54am]

[ mood | curious ]

I don't know how many of you roleplay, but we could sure use a few good Xenogears characters over there. There is already a Bart and a Emeralda. Just in case anyone is mildly interested.

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Yonkoma: Part I [27 Jun 2008|11:05pm]

Title is self explanatory, methinks. Part one of eighteen total for the yonkoma. This is the part that's done entirely in color. :D The other parts to follow are several pages done by different artists.

Don't worry, once I have it all scanned, I'll upload it all in a huge .zip file. ;D


Also, my other Xenogears doujin came in the mail today. <3333333
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Viewability in Firefox [27 Jun 2008|02:42pm]


 I don't mean to bump down that post about the Xenogears Anthology manga, which should be read by as many people as possible XD, but I've been wondering about this for a little while. This livejournal looks pretty weird in Firefox... does the owner of _Xenogears_ know about this? If not, I thought I'd point it out.. :p Maybe it's old news, though.
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[14 Jun 2008|01:18am]

So, how many of you know of the Xenogears comic anthology? Square put it out a while ago, and you can find it on ebay from a couple of sellers (which is where I got mine from).

So, I've been thinking, how many of you would like to see full scans of these? I just ordered another comic anthology (not done by Square) for Xenogears, so it got me thinking. I know the Guardian Angels website has translations of it, but no actual scanlations, or no full scans for download.

Not including the one I ordered today, I have the one book with the more serious stories, and another that is entirely yonkoma (or 4 panel comics, all of which in this book are gags).

I never really got as many lulz out of Billy's "almost sold my body for 3,000 G" thing until I saw the yonkoma where Fei tried to GIVE it to him. Ah, good times, good times. <3

So, anyone interested in scans? Or, if not of the entire books, then specific stories?
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Hello! :D [07 May 2008|12:43pm]

Hi, Ushigami here! Just joined today, because I had no idea there was a Xenogears-only community on Livejournal until I was doing a search for Xenogears-themed moods for my LJ... Obviously, I couldn't hold back and just had to join. The fact that this comm is somewhat active also added to that. XD

Seriously, I'm holding back tears of joy. ;3; It's been so long since I've been able to talk to anyone on the internet about Xenogears that is not a part of my family. To commemorate this, I give you a scribbly of my favorite character, Billy.

This is why I shouldn't be allowed to do fanart...Collapse )
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