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I'm Sleeping...With A Gun In My Mouth...

Blood On Your Hands....

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Welcome to the _xemocorex_ community!
This community is for everything! Pictures, Posts, Funny Stuff, Debates on which kind of cheese is the best, EVERYTHING! whooo....
~A Couple acceptions~
-Making fun of/putting down other members
If either of these are broken then you will be excommunicated immediatly!
You've been warned...

If you suffer (or enjoy) from any of these symptoms please apply:
~wearing horn-rimmed glasses~
~being overly emotional~
~write songs about ex-boyfriends/girlfriends~
~cries when sings/plays them~
~having the emo-cut hairstyle~

If you don't suffer/enjoy any of the above WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING HERE?

There's more but the rest will be asked to fill out in your application. YES APPLICATION! This is not a "I wanna join so I will" community. You have to pass the application requirements. Your Applications will be judged and then your results will be emailed to you within 2-4 days. So dont email me asking if you made it on the 1st day. I WILL CONTACT YOU I PROMISE!

Join then post your application. You will be judged. The End.

Oh and by the way, if you apply and never post or comment, then you will be automatically banned. SO POST.

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~The Usual~

At Least 3 Pictures:
10 bands you like:
10 bands you dislike:
What's your favorite song? By whom? Why?
Promote the community to at least 2 other people or communities

~What Do You Think About~

Gay Marriage:
The Color Hot Pink:

~More About You~

Whats your favourite colour?
Do you like boys? girls?
Do you play a musical instrument? Which?
What make's you so emo?
How long have you been Emo?
What makes you happy?
What makes you cut(if you do)?
Do you like fire?
Tell me one secret about yourself
Post at least 2 pictures of your lovely face!

~The End!~

That wasnt so painful was it?

You Know You Made It When You Get...

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It's Time For You To Cry Like The Emo-Kid You Are When You Get...

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Whether you are accepted or not but would like to promote out of the goodness (or badness) of your broken heart, please do.

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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Mod 1-

Mod 2- ::open to whoever wants it. email me and why you think you should be::

The End Kiddos...

010110101010101010010110000011111, 1mf4o., 1o10zerz, acting, aim, an ass-load of bands, animal farm, anime, anti-assholes, anti-cigerrets, anti-drugs, anti-nazi, anti-sex, artistic hands, austin powers 3, ballet, ballroom dancing, bathing suits, being a virgin, biting, black, blood, breakers, bunnies, burn outs, candles, cars, ccs magazine, celtic rings, clouds, computers, concerts, cuddling, dancing with no music, derek noel, desire, digital cameras, dora, driving 110 mph, drums, dyed black hair, earrings, emo, emo boys, emo hair cuts, emotions, feathers, fighting, fish net stockings, funny websites, gothic girls, green, green skittles, gripfast boots, guitars, halo 2, heart-shaped asses (shwanky), hearts, helping people, high heels, hot chocolate, hot emo boys making-out, hot gothic boys making-out, hot pink, hot punk boys making-out, huggs, hung-over people, ice skating, infatuation, insence, jackie language, jackie-land, james bond movies, johnny depp, kill bill (1&2), kissing, laughing, learning about the holocaust, lightening, lip rings, love, love letters, meet the parents, mohawks, movies, music, nailpolish, people, people in alaska, pessimism, photographs, pimp my ride, poetry, pulp fiction, punk boys, rabbitts, rain, red roses, reservor dogs, rocky (tee hee hee), rocky horror, rollerblades, romance, selflessness, shoes, shop lifting, skateboarding, skinheads, sleeping, smirnoff, snowboarding, soccer, spongebob squarepants, stars, suicide music, super mario bros melee, superman shirts, swayzes, tarot cards, tarot readings, the masquerade, the moon, toit toigers, tongue peircings, trick bikes, vampirefreaks.com, video cameras, violin, watching old-fashioned movies, water, wings, word searches, xbox